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Yuri is naturally a sweet boy, but he is plagued by anxiety and self-doubt. This tends to make him withdraw from those who love him sometimes. When he feels inspired he can work with an incredible amount of determination. On the other hand, failure can easily break his heart and send him into a depression.


Can conjure ice blades on the bottom of his feet/shoes to be able to skate on any relatively smooth surface such as a body of water or a marble floor. Additionally has the tendency to spontaneously create frost on his body, clothes, or hair that expresses how he is feeling.

Right now, Yuuri cannot control his powers very much, so he more or less wears his icy heart on his sleeve. It is possible that with practice, he could actually be very combat effective by creating ice, but so far the manifestations are small and inert.


Ice skating. Yuuri has true talent, though he doesn't always live up to his potential. Also due to helping around his parents' inn, he is good at domestic chores like cooking and cleaning.


Ice Skating, Instagram, Travel, Good Food


Yuri is from Hasetsu, Kyushu Japan. He grew up skating at the local ice rink and, encouraged by a local ballet teacher Minako Okukawa, he developed the skills to compete professionally in the sport of figure skating. Yuuri made a splash when he hit the competitive circuit, impressing fans and judges with his expressiveness and endurance. He moved overseas to Detroit to train with famed coach Celestino Cialdini. In Detroit, he met his best friend, Phichit, who remains in the competitive circuit for the moment. Like every other figure skating competitor, he's at least crossed paths with the others in his age group, including two students currently at the school.

For his entire career, Yuuri has looked up to famed skater Victor Nikiforov, but he has never met his idol face to face. He is getting close to the age to make the move from junior league to true professional skating. Then suddenly his powers manifested, and there was no way for him to hide them. The change made him lose concentration, and last year his scores were very poor compared to his previous years' performances. Concerns raised in online skating fan communities about mutants competing in athletics has temporarily taken him off the competitive circuit. He choked. His parents have sent him to the school hoping that they can help him come to terms with his mutant side, and that someone will guide their son back to his destiny on the ice.