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Wynonna is, for lack of better terms, a crazy chick with a gun. One part sarcasm, two parts daddy issues, Wynonna isn’t quick to trust, but underneath all of the hurt she’s got a heart of gold.


Super strength/agility, and a magic gun that appears at whim which can cause (temporarily) a block on the x-gene mutation expression. Meaning, presto bam-o powers gone suckers.

Wynonna’s not the best shot, and sometimes the damn gun seems to have a mind of its own. She doesn’t really know the full extent of her physical abilities—loony bin didn’t really give her much opportunity there.


She can shoot almost straight. Her witty comments are free of charge, thank you very much. Her body had gotten her out of (and into) a sticky place or two, as well.


Killing the 7 mutants responsible for her sister and daddy’s death. Not permanently ruining her baby sister. Donuts. Whiskey. Pancakes. In that order.


Wynonna comes from a long line of mutants, and a town out West that seems to be crawling in some less-than-savory ones. Her daddy had the same powers as her—super strength, and a big ol’ magic gun that could only work on other mutants in his hand, neutralizing their genes somehow. Well, Willa had the same powers too. Stupid fucking ‘family legacy,’ if you asked Wynonna. When Wynonna was 12, Willa 13, and Waverly just 6—Jesus she was only 6—mutants attacked the homestead.

Revenants. Her daddy called ‘em Revenants.

They came in the night, pulling Willa through the window first. Willa, who had just started to get control of her powers. Her daddy was next, getting pulled into the night. Wynonna moved without realizing it, her daddy’s gun materializing in her hand as her powers manifested at a pretty fucking useless time. She aimed it at the captors, trying to free her daddy. Instead, she fired and hit her daddy on accident.

Without his powers he was as good as dead. Wynonna can still hear Waverly’s screams, calling out for Willa and their dad. When the human police showed up, they found a fucked up homestead, a 12-year-old rocking back and forth with a gun in her hand, two missing people, and a 6-year-old crying.

When Wynonna told them about the Revenants, they shipped her to a psych ward. Her aunt and uncle took custody of Waverly, and she was only allowed to visit Wynonna if Wynonna didn’t mention anything about mutants, or the gang of them in Purgatory called Revenants. Wynonna didn’t get to see a whole lot of Waverly that year, but she thought that was probably for the best. She didn’t want to screw her up any more than she already had.

One year into her stay at St.Victoria’s, they decided she was no longer certifiable. No bodies meant she couldn’t be charged with any crimes, especially since the gun seemed to magically disappear. Her aunt and uncle offered to take her in, so long as she behaved, but Wynonna didn’t want to taint Waverly any more than she already had. So, into the system she went. Foster care lasted for Wynonna about one year too long. Six foster families later, Wynonna decided fuck it, she was getting the hell out of dodge. She packed up her shit, snuck into Waverly’s window to say goodbye, and caught the first bus out of Purgatory.

It would be best for everyone this way. After a year of traveling from place to place, Wynonna was getting pretty tired of running. She heard through the underground of a place for teenage mutants. A place to train.

And if Wynonna had any chance of killing those seven Revenants who killed her daddy and Willa…well, she may need some training. Maybe it’d even fix everything she had done to Waverly. ‘Course, if it was too stupid she could always leave, or show those fuckheads what Peacemaker was all about.