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Before his wings, Warren was the insufferable, rich, spoiled, kid who ruled the school. But along came the feathers, and everything changed. Warren has become more introspective and thoughtful since his ordeal, and is in the process of turning himself into a service-focused rich, spoiled kid. (Some things, he can never get rid of, right?) He's incredibly social—he doesn't mind quiet moments to himself, but he hates being bored, and looks to others to alleviate his boredom more often than not. He's recently discovered how much he loves to be needed and helpful, and feels like his life finally has a path—and he's finally becoming his own man.

But there's a deeper, darker level, one on which Warren knows he's a massive disappointment to his parents by virtue of simply being a mutant, and a very visible one at that. Katherine and Warren Jr dismissed all his teenage antics easily—and paid off any debt he incurred with his carelessness without batting an eyelash. But they were never terribly involved or affectionate parents, and Warren felt the lack of it even before the wings. Although his father tried to reconcile with him just before his untimely death, Warren feels the lack of acceptance and love from his family keenly--and fills it with the wonderful people around him instead.

Poor little rich boy.


Warren has large, white-feathered wings sprouting from his shoulderblades that allow him to fly. By the time he's finished growing, his wings will reach 16' in span, and he'll be able to fly up to 150 mph and as high as 10,000 ft (for short periods), but he's not there yet. He has other adaptations for flight, most of which he's not aware of yet: hollow bones, very low body fat (he gets so cold!), enhanced eyesight, and a special respiratory membrane that allows him to breathe at high altitudes and velocities.


Soccer, football, and pretty much anything athletic he puts his mind to. Warren is obnoxiously athletic… and tall… and blond.


Soccer (mls and premier league), Fashion, his portfolio, reading (mostly history, economics, and other non-fiction, though he likes a good classic novel too and has a secret fondness for the Bronte sisters), music (largely pop and folk rock, though he is a huge fan of romantic/classical—he just doesn't talk about that much because nerd alert). He also knows a surprising amount about art thanks to his mother's collecting and his travels through Europe growing up.


The scion of Worthington Industries, Warren felt the weight of his name from an early age. His father, Warren Jr, was always a distant image of the ideal businessman, and his mother was constantly jet-setting, working with her charities and art collection. As a result, Warren's early development was largely trusted to nannies and housekeepers—some of whom he loved, and all of whom bore the brunt of his need for attention: he tended to act out when his parents left him alone for long stretches, and acquired the "poor little rich boy" moniker from his caretakers..

For all that, he also acquired perfect manners, did well in school, and excelled at sports—anything he could to catch his parents' attention. Though he received many a gentle pat on the head for these accomplishments, it was never enough, and so Warren leaned to feed on the adoration of his peers.

When he was sent away at the age of twelve to a posh New England boarding school, Warren was disappointed—which surprised him, as he thought he wouldn't mind. He quickly became popular and formed a fast friendship with his roommate, Cameron. He came home for holidays and in the summer traveled around Europe with his mother ("for his education")—where he was mostly minded by the valet who traveled with them.

By the age of fifteen, Warren was the captain of the varsity soccer team and managing his own small portfolio of investments. He was also fond of sneaking out at night with his friends, drinking, partying, and raising all kinds of hell—so his grades began to suffer. When all this earned him was a look of disappointment over the top of the Wall Street Journal one morning before Christmas, Warren thought, the hell with it. He planned to go full Paris Hilton, because why not?

Before he could, however, the wings came. They started as alarming bone growths on his shoulder blades, and he was sent to all the finest doctors in the country; no one had any idea what was happening. Terrified, Warren reached out to his parents for reassurance, but their demeanor stayed the same. They said they would find him another specialist and get him the best care… and asked him to please not be melodramatic—and keep it quiet around the school, as they didn't want it getting out.

The school's resident nurse practitioner, Gray Marshall, was the first to suspect mutation. Warren begged Marshall not to tell his parents, and Marshall reluctantly agreed (on a temporary basis), and helped Warren hide his wings as best he could. Warren became withdrawn, skipping out on classes, soccer matches, and social events, causing alarm among his friends. He'd never felt alone and scared before; it wasn't a pleasant experience.

The wings didn't stop growing, though, so he was forced to withdraw more and more to keep them secret. The Worthingtons eventually decided to bring Warren home—to "keep him safe", so they said—and Warren was broken hearted but also relieved. He was packing his things one night when a fire broke out in the kitchens and tore through the downstairs thanks to several open windows and doors. Cameron had snuck out that night, but Warren was trapped upstairs with the other students.

So he unbound his wings, jumped, and flew to safety. He hadn't known he could do that, not for certain, only five minutes before, but he only had one choice now. Warren wrapped a handkerchief around his face and began ferrying students out of their windows—saving over twenty lives in one night. No one died in that fire, and it was entirely thanks to him.

Then, it was time for Warren to go home, where his parents insisted he stay indoors until they could find a doctor who could help with 'his problem'. Warren shuddered to think what 'helping' might be—now that he'd used his wings, now that he'd had the rush of superheroing in his own small way, he knew that was what he was meant to do. He began sneaking out and scouring the city for people his wings could help. Saving kittens from trees, stopping would-be thieves and assailants, the Avenging Angel (as he came to be known in Central Park) took them all on. His parents may have been afraid of his wings, but Warren wasn't anymore. In fact, he was damn proud of them.

Thankfully, before anything too terrible could happen, Warren's antics came to the attention of Charles Xavier, who was starting a new school for "gifted" youngsters like Warren. Warren thought it was a great opportunity, but he knew his parents would take some convincing. At first, the Worthingtons were horrified, but once Warren promised to keep his presence at the school out of the papers--and Xavier pointed out that was hardly the kind of attention the school needed--they seemed all too pleased to get Warren out of the house.

Warren blossomed at Xavier's, pushing himself to stand up for mutants by being the first to come out publicly and supporting other mutants. That, along with his public outing as bisexual due to his public relationship with Jean-Paul and eventually Simon, caused his family to distance themselves privately. Warren learned to get along with only what he'd managed to invest for himself--still a considerable sum for a seventeen year old, but not one who was trying to maintain the level of public scrutiny Warren was.

Then he was summoned to Worthington Tower by his parents, presumably to reconcile. Before it could happen, Warren Jr. was found dead at his desk, apparently from a heart attack, and Warren's shady uncle Burt started "helping" Katherine, the new CEO, run the company. Warren keeps a close eye on it, but he knows something's off... and he still has one more year of school left.