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On the surface, Wanda presents a very definite "take no shit" attitude. Deeper down - no, actually, there's more take no shit attitude, a healthy amount of sarcasm, some general brattiness, and a desire to make a difference in the world. Fortunately for the world, it's all tempered by genuine concern for the wellbeing of mutants in general and her family, genetic and otherwise, in particular.

Wanda has a hot temper, and is guilty of acting before she thinks.


Probability manipulation - Wanda can, essentially, make highly unlikely things happen. How she does this, exactly, is subject to debate - her former tutor, Agatha, described it as magic, her father was more likely to call it reality manipulation. In either case, there are few limits beyond her imagination as to what Wanda can do - provided she's willing to risk it going wrong, because the bigger it is, the more likely it is that it will.

As an additional downside, random things tend to happen around Wanda, especially to electrical devices. Never let her make coffee, and having her avoid the kitchen altogether is wisest. There's also some question about whether or not all the randomly appearing future kids are somehow a side effect of her abilities. She's hoping not.


Playing pool, dancing, coming up with innovative ways to practice powers


Reading (fiction and non-fiction), Physics, Statistics, military history and theory, sci-fi shows and movies


When Wanda and Pietro (because it's always been "Wanda and Pietro") were about eight, their father finally found the family that had adopted them as infants, and took the twins back.  Having loved the Maximoffs and being none too sure about their father, Wanda took exception to this - but she still had Pietro, so everything was okay.  Until her powers erupted, full force, and nearly destroyed the home in which they were living, and Pietro with it.  She was sent away to Agatha Harkness, a friend of her father's, to learn control, and brought back only once she had it, having never been allowed to see Pietro in the interim.  She's making up for lost time there, and while she'd still not 100% sure about her father personally (how could she be, when he'd actually separated them), she's a full believer in his message.