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Originally, they called themselves 'The Shits'. Just a small band of teens who could be serious jerks...pretty much all of the time. Of course, as they picked up more members, their asshole ratio began to even out, and eventually, someone (not naming names) suggested that they choose a name with a bit more class.

'Vox Machina' was the product of a crazy, alcohol fueled night at a local club, where it was decided that someday, they really should start a band and get rich and retire to a gorgeous beach resort on the Mediterranean. Obviously, Scanlan would have lead vocals and lead guitar. Vex and Pike had backup vocals. Keyleth on rhythm guitar. Vax would take bass, while Percival would be on keyboard and Grog was all drums. It was the perfect plan.

That is, of course, until their merry little band fell apart, each getting pulled in their own direction. Vex and Vax found their father - or their father found them. Keyleth went on a spiritual journey. Pike and Grog returned to be with Pike's grandfather. And Scanlan...well, the story changes every time someone asks. In the end, Percy was left alone in their old home, an abandoned warehouse lovingly dubbed Castle Grayskull.

From there, the journey took a different turn, when Percy was recruited to a boarding school for mutants in America. Little by little, the group's members each learned about their own mutant abilities, and slowly found their way back to one another, even indoctrinating a new member in the form of the talented and gifted (and quite magical) Shaun Gilmore.

Maybe they aren't about to start a band, or even join Xavier's army, but with the power they wield, there sure are a lot of assholes out there that could use a thrashing. And that's what these shits are all about, right?