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At the surface Vex is outgoing, charming, and pragmatic. She knows how to flirt or bluff her way out tight situations. She’s fiercely loyal to her brother, and protective of anyone she comes to love.


Enchanting Objects – Some alterations Vex has made, or will make in the near future:

  • Trinket – Vex has a necklace with a bear charm on it that she turns into a bear companion named Trinket. She can retract Trinket back into necklace form or pop out at will.
  • Trick Arrows – Grappling arrows, flaming arrows, lightning arrows… She admits these are better with some engineering input, she’s mostly thinking: “wouldn’t it be cool if!”
  • Bag of Holding


Archery, haggling, slight of hand (admittedly not as good as her brother), math (mostly when it comes to making a budget stretch)


She has a love for archery and the woods, two things she missed when they moved to the city. Vex loves beautiful things, both in nature and material. Baubles and fancy dress meant a lot more to her when these were stolen things shared with her friends. She's all for a party, as long as she's only playing pretend for herself


Vex and her twin brother, Vax, grew up with their mother in a small town north of London. Vex and Vax were inseparable, and they loved their mother dearly. Despite impoverished conditions, they had happy childhood. That was until age ten, when their apartment building caught fire and they lost their mother to the blaze. Investigators blamed the fire on faulty wiring, but the twins had suspicions about their landlord, Mr. Thordak, who cleaned up from the insurance claims.

The twins knew nothing about their father other than a last name, so there were no relatives to go to. They ended up in the system. Eventually they decided to run away together. Life on the streets wasn’t as exciting as they’d hoped. Vex spent a great deal of time talking their way out of situations, and Vax briefly worked as an errand boy for one of the local street gangs. The twins were still too stubborn to give up their newfound freedom and admit defeat. They ended up befriending several other teens and forming a tight knit group, which they started calling Vox Machina. They settled in an abandoned warehouse, playfully referred to as Castle Greyskull. Together, they made life work. 

It couldn’t last. Life started pulling their new family in different directions. For the twins, it was after Vax discovered his mutant abilities, and a theft went awry due to overextending his powers. It turned out their father, Syldor Vessar, hadn’t forgotten entirely their mother. He was aware of his children, and while he missed the memo when the twins lost everything, he had feelers out for them now. Vax getting caught by the police put the twins right into their father’s hands. Maybe moving into Kensington Palace with their father, the fucking French ambassador, should have felt like a fairy tale ending. Unfortunately, Syldor was a controlling dick. He preferred his children polished and wanted to brush their past under the table. Together, the twins were too much for Syldor to manage. He used the excuse of Vax’s ‘dangerous abilities’ to send him away to a private school in the United States. No doubt if Vex acted out at her posh local school he’d find an excuse to send her somewhere farther away.

Vex may have dreamed of living in a castle when they were younger, but not if it meant trading where they came from, or forgetting who they came from. Vex appreciates the lush house and reliable meals, but she would trade it all in a heartbeat to have her real family back, and to live quietly in a little house by the woods. The one good thing about Syldor finding them is meeting their little half-sister Velora. She's genuinely adorable.

Game Introduction: Vex was initially located in London, separated from her brother. Her mutant abilities hadn’t manifested. After months of long distance communication Vex's powers finally manifested and she convinced her father to send her to the school.