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Tsuyu has a calm, easygoing demeanor and is open and straightforward with others, freely saying whatever is on her mind and her opinions of others. Otherwise, her pure black irises and vacant, slightly anxious stare can make it difficult to tell what she’s thinking or feeling.

She’s observant, studious and helpful, especially when it comes to providing emotional support. She works extremely well with others, able to exercise good judgment while following instructions and focusing on the good of the group over her own personal success.

Her emotions rarely get the best of her, even in the direst situations. As a friend she is both reliable and not at all about the drama. She doesn’t like when others make rash decisions but sometimes has trouble acting against it beyond voicing an objection. In awkward situations she can become a bit shy and self-conscious, but has no problem letting others know when she’s embarrassed or uncomfortable.

Most of the time she has a slightly catlike posture, and has a habit of tipping her finger against her mouth while thinking or talking. She prefers to be called “Tsu” by the people she considers friends and often uses ‘kero’ (‘ribbit’) as punctuation while speaking.


Tsuyu has frog-like physical features and abilities, including:

  • Large eyes and hands.
  • Hopping – She can leap great distances in quick bursts of speed. Her sprint is above the maximum human potential and she can do a standing jump as high as thirty feet.
  • Wall-crawling – She can stick to walls and climb surfaces with little effort
  • Prehensile tongue – Her tongue can extend up to twenty meters and is completely prehensile, allowing her to manipulate it any way she wishes. She can wrap it around an object or other people and lift as much as herself and two others if she carries them.
  • Stomach pocket – She can swallow objects to hide them from view and then spit them back up later, but she finds this unpleasant and only does it in desperate situations where it’s the only thing that well help.
  • Toxic secretions – She is able to secrete a sticky fluid which stings a little.
  • Camouflage – She is able to change colors, allowing her to blend in with her surroundings. (This is an ability she has not discovered yet)


Tsuyu is an excellent swimmer and all-around decent athlete. She performs quite well academically. She’s a capable cook and quite good at hairdressing.


Just about anything to do with water, from swimming to marine biology to nautical science. She enjoys fireworks, karaoke, baseball, rainy days, percussion instruments and athletics. Her favorite food is jelly and she’s also fond of pasta.


Born in Aichi Prefecture, Tsuyu’s mutation was not immediately recognized, for her parents were also a bit frog-like in appearance. It wasn’t until she was a toddler and started climbing on walls and using her tongue to reach for things on the other side of the room that they realized just how different from other children she really was.

Her parents raised her with love, but their work schedules and frequent business trips made it difficult for them to give her much attention. By the time Tsuyu’s younger sister was in school they were often both away from home, leaving Tsuyu to manage the house and care for her siblings. Between that and her studies, Tsuyu had almost no time for socializing, and her unusual appearance further isolated her from her classmates. It was a hard life, but one she found very satisfying.

During that time another mutant started stalking Tsuyu as she walked home from school. This mutant was a classmate named Habuko who could paralyze someone for three seconds by staring at them. Sometimes she would freeze Tsuyu with this power. Other times she would get in close and flick her snakelike tongue menacingly. It scared Tsuyu, but after a while she came to understand how lonely the girl was, and she was able to relate with her because of that. One day she screwed up her courage and asked the girl if she wanted to be friends.

At first Habuko screamed at Tsuyu, believing that her powers and frightening appearance made her a monster that could never have friends, but once she recovered from that initial outburst, she recognized Tsuyu’s sincerity, kindness and understanding. She apologized, breaking into tears, and after that they became inseparable through the rest of middle school.

After graduating, Tsuyu decided that she wanted to learn more about her mutation and how to use it to help protect people in an increasingly complicated and dangerous world. Recognizing that was something she couldn’t do on her own, she resolved to find other young mutants like her. Shortly after that her family was contacted by Professor Xavier, and she soon found herself on her way to his school.