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Thor is a golden retriever in human form, loyal, steadfast, and incredibly enthusiastic. He’s also occasionally careless, clueless, and a jerk but he’s getting better with that. He’s a bit spoiled, being the golden baby of the family and a bit too fond of rough and tumble but as a friend, he’d move the world to help someone out.


Thor is a brick, super strong and super durable, able to bench press a car and would take no injury from being shot. He can fly but is really, really not good at it yet but figures that as long as he doesn’t get hurt from crashing, what’s the problem?


Thor has been educated by numerous tutors since he was small, it was boring but he’s well educated. He’s been introduced to training in government (extremely boring but understands that one of his siblings will rule so it’s important). He’s well versed in riding, hunting, and the other various martial pursuits that Asgard makes a focus of their tourist industry.


Thor is utterly enamored of the pageantry of the small country and is popular in the games and demonstrations that name up so much of the tourist entertainment of the country. Fighting, wrestling, feasting, and dragging his dearest friends and best brother along for whatever ridiculous ‘adventure’ he tries to get into next are his great joy. He also, on the sly, enjoys watching a great deal of the different SPORTS! from other countries, the more contact the better.


Thor spent his childhood in an idyllic tiny Nordic country, second youngest child to the ruling family. With such a large gap between him and their older siblings, he latched onto Loki as soon as they both could walk, dragging his baby brother behind him wherever he went. It only got better as they got older, Loki was so very clever, far more clever than Thor was and came up with the BEST GAMES ever.

Thor got older and met some new friends as kids do, martial-minded as he was and he dragged Loki right along with. Because his brother was his best friend, and they were his new friends so they’d all be great friends, right? Sadly, Thor never really understood that it didn’t work that way. Sadly, it only got worse. Thor hit his growth spurt just after turning 15, in short order he was tall, broad, growing into extremely handsome and being hailed as the Golden Prince did nothing good for his ego. He got spoiled and arrogant and generally insufferable.

The first cracks came at Loki’s startling announcement, Thor had always known his brother was amazing but how could he have possibly missed something so incredible as this? The news that his beloved baby brother had been sent away without Thor being told caused storms like the royal family had never seen with Thor and Odin shouting at each other at all hours. A sulking Thor threw himself into the games and other entertainments, he was never outright cruel to any of his opponents but he wasn’t kind either.

It all came to a head over the summer, after a tourney, he’d run into a group of students from America on a trip. He’d swaggered in, looking to impress all the pretty girls, and was baffled when one (the prettiest) didn’t seem to care in the slightest who he was. She’d ignored him entirely, in fact, hunched over a battered book and scribbling furiously. To his shame, he snatched the book from her hands to see what could possibly be so interesting and was astonished again when the tiny girl growled something and slapped him, full in the face in front of everyone, and proceeded to give him a dressing down on rudeness the like that he’d not had since he was a tiny child.

That slap, delivered by someone who didn’t know who he was and most definitely did not care, and the lecture that followed was one of the more painful of Thor’s life. It made him look at what he’d become, and to realize just what an ass he’d been. By the looks on his friends’ faces as they stood there and watched with no move to defend him… well that just made it worse. He apologized then, as humbly as he knew how and handed the book back as though it were made of glass.

Astonishingly, she accepted the apology and they spent the rest of the day talking, as Thor (with his friends as chaperones and one of the lady’s friends as hers) took them around to the best places in the city, not as a bragging bribe but as a sincere wish to show them the city at its best. They spent the next week talking, in fact and when she had to go home, there were manly tearful promises of writing as much as possible.

A few short weeks later, after Thor’s seventeenth birthday that he found out that Loki wasn’t the only mutant in the family. He’d gone out riding with his friends, nothing particularly unusual. What was unusual was the boar that had strayed too far into the woods near the city. What followed, Thor could never entirely remember. There was quite a lot of screaming (mostly the frightened horses), a lot of running, and someone thrown from their horse. When his head cleared, Thor was standing there, clothes torn into ribbons without a mark on him, and a 500 pound pig dead at his feet…