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United States[]

The US reaction to the realization that mutants exist has been mixed. Some are fascinated by the knowledge that mutants exist, and are already beginning to rally in support. Others are not so certain, and are reserving judgement.

Unfortunately, the prevailing attitude appears to be one of fear. Groups such as the Friends of Humanity have begun to surface, and describe mutants as a threat equaling or exceeding that of terrorism. They latch onto any incident wherein a mutant's newly discovered abilities cause harm to baseline humans, in some cases blowing the situations out of all sense of proportion. Senator Robert Kelly has taken up their banner, and is advocating a law requiring that all mutants register their powers with the government or face felony charges. Thus far, he has limited support in Congress, but that could change at any time. In the meantime, some communities have already put laws in place to prohibit teenage mutants from attending public schools, citing the safety of their other students. While civil rights lawsuits are pending, there is definite public support for segregation and/or isolation.

Adding fuel to the fire is a mutant who calls himself Magneto, who has gained media attention by referring to mutants as "Homo Superior". His supporters, who call themselves the Brotherhood and who include mutants who he has "rescued" from unfortunate situations, have executed raids on the Right's experimental facilities and Friends of Humanity rallies, one of which recently culminated in Magneto himself being shot. While their leader has temporarily removed himself from the group, the Brotherhood continues to stir the flames of controversy.

All hope is not lost, though. A number of US cities have declared themselves to be "mutant friendly", though the extent to which this title proves true varies from one to the next, and pro-mutant rights groups have also arisen.


Asgard is a small Nordic country with a waning constitutional monarchy. In recent decades they increased their tourism industry, causing a major boom in the economy. The heart of Asgard is a shining city that’s practically a 24/7 Rennefaire. Resorts throughout the kingdom cater to skiing, hunting, camping, and theme parks. Depending on the storyteller, Odin and his six children are either named after old gods, or rumored to be descendants of myth. 

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Atlantis is as it is canonically in the Marvel Universe; homo mermanus is the race present in the submerged cities of Atlantis. Atlantis itself spreads across the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, with individual cities scattered about the sea floor. Atlantis is secretive and not widely known to the world at large.


Tensions are running high in Canada since a mutant calling himself Sabertooth was responsible for the brutal deaths of approximately fifty victims in the Vancouver area. Local law enforcement has been unable to apprehend him, and has turned to the federal government for assistance. The government's response was to recruit a team of mutants and other metahumans to police these situations. Alpha Flight, as the team has been christened, has yet to confront Sabertooth.


A small island nation in the Bahamas, Genosha advertised itself as the perfect example of humans and mutants living together in peace - and coincidentally, the perfect place for mutants to spend a nice, peaceful vacation.

Unfortunately, the truth was something entirely different.

The Genoshan government, using technology acquired from various sources including Shaw Industries and the North Korean government, began screening adolescents for the X-Factor in 2013. Using various techniques, they then brainwashed these teens into the perfect servants of the government, using some with powers best suited for it to keep the others in line. The Genoshan economy boomed. Encouraged by their success, they began inviting other mutants to vacation there. Rather than arouse suspicions by these individuals going missing, they instead implanted post-hypnotic suggestions that they were so happy with their stay that they wanted to relocate to Genosha. Only those who they determined would never be missed were captured outright; for the rest, they bided their time until the mutants returned, apparently of their own volition, and grabbed them then.

Unfortunately for them? They assumed that the teenaged Illyana Rasputin fell into the category of someone who would only be missed by her teenaged, apparently human boyfriend. Pyro proved otherwise, and burned part of their laboratory to the ground.

A few days later, the Brotherhood, led by the newly rescued Magneto, launched an all out attack on the country - and took it over. As of 5/29/2019, Erik Lenscherr is the new President of Genosha. Elections have not yet been announced.


While officials in Russia have been quick to denounce mutancy as a problem that does not effect their country, rumors have surface in intelligence communities that Russia is following Canada's example and recruiting a team of its own. Mr. Corveau has reported these rumors to Professor Xavier, who is attempting to determine the truth.