Academy_X Wiki

The Danger Room[]

Professor Xavier and an unknown assistant created the Danger Room as a safe environment to test mutant abilities and teamwork. Through a combination of physical obstacles and a holographic interface, it can create fairly realistic training exercises. A monitor room oversees the room itself, and both pre-created programs and ones made on-the-spot by someone with the requisite skill are available. Programs come in four levels - beginner, intermediate, advanced, and dangerous.

  • Beginner. Only beginner sims can be used by unsupervised single users. These are also appropriate for recreation.
  • Intermediate. Appropriate for a good workout. There would be some danger of minor injury, and must either be run by a minimum of two people or supervised.
  • Advanced. Potentially dangerous. Experience with the Danger Room is required, and someone monitoring in the Control Booth is recommended.
  • Dangerous. While the Danger Room has safeties in place that should prevent serious injury, this is by no means assured in Dangerous sims. An experienced monitor is required to be present in the control room before a Dangerous sim can be run.

Students using the Danger Room for training have precedence over those using it for recreation, unless the recreation activity has reserved the room well in advance (i.e. a planned haunted house put on for the general student body).


Cerebro is a computer interface developed to boost telepathic ability. It was designed by Professor Xavier and an unknown assistant, and is used by the Professor to locate new mutants. Access to Cerebro is limited to Faculty members. Students are only able to enter in their company.

Image Inducers[]

Image Inducers are portable holographic displays designed to let a physical mutant blend in with general humanity. They can conceal any physical mutation - however, this will not keep someone bumping into Hank McCoy from realizing they've brushed against invisible fur. Image Inducers need to be recharged after approximately eight hours, and may glitch in situations where there is a lot of electromagnetic interference.

Power Inhibitors[]

There have been rumors that the US Government (and potentially private organizations) have been developing power inhibitors of some kind. Rumor has it that these involve some kind of collar. This rumor is NOT confirmed at this time, and no power inhibitors have actually been seen to be in use.