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TJ is fun, she likes to have fun, fun is in her life and there's no way she's letting it out of her life, not even when she suddenly finds herself an Exile. Her utter lack of modesty is partly due to this - and partly due to always having been taught she was furry and blue and beautiful. Why should she hide what she's got? However, she has a lot of walls and won't let you past them in a hurry. The fun exterior is also a barrier. She will make a lot of things into fun times, including extremely dangerous fights, because that is the way she deals with danger, stress, etc.

She is very often brash and spontaneous, in every one of her decisions. This applies to combat situations, when she will throw herself into the fray and trust that she can make it out somehow (thank you, all the training eveeeer), rather than think things through thoroughly beforehand. It worked well within the Exiles, since each of them had their very specific specialties, and consequently their specific roles. But this also applies to everyday life. Emotions and instinct will often take over, until reason kicks in.

She has never been a leader and is better off following someone’s orders than leading a team. It’s not that she can’t do it, she has to some degree, in her home dimension, but it’s not a natural thing for her to do. Strategy is not her thing. Despite her readiness to throw herself into the fray, she is actually able to follow someone’s orders, if they take into account her preferred style of fighting, that is. Ask her to be careful and she’ll just smile an as-if smile at you before throwing herself into the fray.

Her sense of right and wrong is extremely strong, and she'll do what it takes; that is her religion. She will fight for what she believes is right, even when it is unpleasant to her. If you go after her friends or start telling her what she can and can’t do, she will be up in your face in an instant. She is never afraid to speak up, no matter who you are.

In both friendship and romance, she likes strong people that can take care of themselves. It does not mean that she will not accept their weaknesses and flaws, on the contrary, but there needs to be a back-and-forth exchange - they can lean on her, and she can lean on them. The less white they are, the better, and it’s not skin colour so much as mindset she means.


Does her appearance count as a power? Let's go. She takes after her father, which means that her body is covered in blue fur. Her eyes are pure yellow, no iris, no pupil (and allow her to see in the dark), she has three fingers on each hand, two toes on each foot, a retractable, prehensile tail, and fangs. Oh, and let's not forget the pointy ears. Just like Kurt, she can climb walls.

Her agility, balance, flexibility and physical coordination are off the charts. Her strength isn't what you'd call super strength, but she is stronger than she looks.

She can possess someone and make use of their body for up to 12 hours. When she leaves their body, they will go into a coma for a good few hours, from 12 to 24 depending on the person. She'll need time to recuperate before she possesses anyone else, but will be able to function fully in every other way in the meantime. Coupled with this possession power is some latent telepathy that has never been activated, and only came in handy once, coupled with the power of Cerebro.

She can also fire hex bolts: she taps into the same dimension Nightcrawler uses to bamf through and releases bursts of energy. ...her hex bolts smell as sulfur-y as Kurt's teleportation, yes.


Acrobatics, contorsion, hand to hand combat. Great shot (with her bolts). She's an amazing jet pilot and she speaks fluent German. She used to be the 'singer' of a terrible garage band called the Butt Monkeys (a neo techno trash band).


Dancing, some drinking, having all the fun in the world, and parties! Also music - especially the type you can dance to, and/or yell to. Boys. Making the world a better place for everyone, because that's what X-Men do! Video games. Not living in the past, but cherishing it all the same.


TJ was born to the happily married couple of Kurt Wagner, aka Nightcrawler, an X-Man, and Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch, an Avenger. Since she was being raised at the X-Mansion, among Professor Xavier, Logan, Jean Grey, Scott Summers and Kate Pryde, she saw much less of her mother, who remained with the Avengers, than her father, but she loves them both.

She followed classes at the school, learned her X-Man history among other things, first manifested her possession powers, got her codename, then only her hex bolts (named after her mother’s power as an homage, despite having nothing to do with Wanda's powers). When it was time for high school, she insisted she attend a public school, and went to Kennedy High, while still living at Xavier's school and training there. In typical teenage fashion, her relationship with her father grew tense. He expected her to be so much like him, and she tried her best to make him proud (she even wore his old uniform), but never seemed to quite manage. To only add to that tension, things at the X-Mansion got very messed up.

The Shadow King possessed Wolverine, and had him attack Professor Xavier and fatally wound him. The X-Men managed to defeat the Shadow King, but the event left Wolverine crippled, and not just a little: after that, he needed an exoskeleton to move at all, and was otherwise in a wheelchair. A little while later, Jean died on a mission, leaving only the Phoenix Force to inhabit the empty shell that was Colossus (long story, involving Illyana and Limbo). Logan and Kurt took over leadership of the X-Men as Scott left, unable to deal with Jean’s loss on top of Professor Xavier’s.

Some time later, Apocalypse started giving them trouble. They eventually managed to defeat him thanks to the help of his son Armageddon, but lost their Kate Pryde to the fight, the grown-up who had helped raise TJ. Due to Apocalypse’s chronal disrupter, they got a fifteen-year-old Kitty Pryde in exchange. Fortunately, TJ and the young girl hit it off straight away.

However, it was right after Kitty’s arrival that Scott chose to reappear, after breaking Brotherhood mutants out of prison. Grief had unhinged him, and he blamed everything that had happened on Wolverine - both the Professor’s death and Jean’s, even though Wolverine was not even on the mission that cost her her life. He and his new teammates attacked the X-Mansion. He was holding on to an exoskeleton-free Wolverine and about to blast his head off when TJ managed to possess Armageddon and, thanks to his telekinetic powers, raised Wolverine’s arms so he could extend his claws straight out through Scott’s chest. Having to kill her uncle? It does something to a girl.

It was only in the aftermath of that fight that Kurt came to his daughter to tell her that he was proud of her. He promised that from now on he would let her handle things her own way a lot more, and that he would talk to Logan about making her an active X-Man - she was fifteen, then - but before he could really make it happen, TJ was snatched from her reality.

TJ suddenly found herself dumped in the desert in her pyjamas, and met Clarice Ferguson (from the Age of Apocalypse reality) and the rest of the Exiles (at that time, Morph, Mimic, Thunderbird, and Magnus), all of them teenagers. A short, black-eyed man calling himself the Timebroker referring to himself as a construct of time explained to them that they all came from different dimensions and had become unhinged from time in order to help fix timelines that had gone wrong. In order to go home, they would have to set the timelines right in various dimensions, thus helping to restore their own. TJ was told that if her own screwed up timeline now involved her father Nightcrawler getting killed by his mother, Mystique. Clarice was given the Tallus, a device she wore as a bracelet on her wrist and that told her what they were supposed to do in each dimension.

Their first mission happened on a world where all mutants had been imprisoned or killed. The Tallus told them they had to free “the one who would lead them”, “their greatest teacher”. Enough of the gang assumed that to be Charles Xavier that they freed him from jail, only to find that he had gone insane and wanted to kill every regular human on the planet. They realised it really was Erik Lensherr they should have freed, and went and did that. However, Exile Magnus had to sacrifice himself to save them all from a nuclear bomb. After his sacrifice, a new Exile arrived to take his place, Sunfire.

The next mission was even harder on them all, especially in the wake of Magnus's sacrifice: it happened at the Trial of the Phoenix, and their mission was to kill Jean Grey. That involved going through the X-Men - including another version of her father - and it took a lot out of TJ. It was during this mission that she started to grow close to fellow exile John Proudstar, aka Thunderbird, the alt-brother of her boyfriend back home, James Proudstar.

The Exiles then went on quite a few missions in the course of the next few months, missions during which TJ eventually started a relationship with Thunderbird. The Exiles had to help Doom reclaim his country from the armies of Atlantis. They acted as bodyguards to President Stark. They ended up in a very jurassic world. They fought the Hulk. They prevented the annihilation of a new race of evolved lizards.

And then, one day, they were imprisoned by the Skrulls for weeks and used in their gladiatorial games until the Skrulls all fled when the Herald of Galactus showed up. Then, obviously, they had to defeat his Herald, then Galactus himself. Thunderbird sacrificed himself to make this happen, after which TJ quickly lost the child she had just learned she was carrying, and was not sure she would have kept in the best circumstances, at sixteen years old. Heather Hudson, aka Sasquatch, joined them to replace him. TJ remained depressed for a while, but she very gradually managed to move on.

Missions came and went. Blink was sent home after her timeline was restored, and Magik joined them in her place. Things were tense between her and the rest of them from the get-go, but it came to a head when they had to go up against another team of exiled mutants and she betrayed them, forcing the Exiles to kill her. Soon before this, they lost Sunfire when a Brood-infected Mimic turned on them. They managed to kickstart his healing factor but it was too late, and he had killed Sunfire. Blink rejoined them, having become unhinged from time all over again.

There had been one mission to Earth 616 where they had had to fight off Havok, which had allowed TJ to meet the Nightcrawler of this dimension, and bond with him. The Exiles were taken back to this dimension, where their cryptic mission statement was to 'lose their possessions, and earn their wings'. It took Reed Richard's help to figure out that they were supposed to leave TJ behind, and take Beak with them.

After saying goodbye, Blink teleported TJ to the X-Mansion. What none of them knew was that, somehow, TJ ended up on the grounds of Xavier's school in a whole other world, the world of Academy X.