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Stephanie is a quiet kid. It’s not exactly lack of confidence in herself that keeps her so, but more an utter confidence in the fact that she’s a very average kid with nothing extraordinary to share. She’s good-hearted and often takes the role of listener with friends. That’s good for her friends, but it also tends to mean she’s reluctant to share her own issues and has a tendency to let herself get talked over in conversation. Sweet, her friends say, but a bit of a doormat.

The one exception is her infant son, Ben. In being a young mother, Stephanie is discovering she’s got a spine after all and will move mountains to do what she thinks is right for him. Unfortunately for the time being, that means moving halfway across the country to attend a school where she can get a handle on her new powers. Her powers, which physically manifest in an ever-present aura of sparking lights, won’t let her blend into the background anymore and for a girl from the conservative midwest, that could present a danger to her parents and child.


Stephanie constantly generates an energy field that surrounds her at all times and manifest as sparkles. This field keeps her in top physical shape granting her moderate super strength (she can lift around 1 ton), speed (top speed of around 100 kms/75m per hour) and agility. It’s also grants her an exceptional healing factor (she can regenerate flesh even as it burns) that makes her resistant to drugs, diseases and viruses.

She can energize and heal others through physical contact. The healing is limited to what a body can normally do on it's own so she can't regenerate limbs or cure diseases that can't be beaten without outside intervention - physical injuries can be fixed, drugs can be forced through a person's system faster, but diseases like cancer are beyond her abilities. In most cases this isn't draining for Stephanie but prolonged healings or multiple cases in short order can exhaust her. At first, her use of her powers on others will be limited to energizing and healing minor wounds as a lot of what she does requires specific knowledge and precautions (how to properly set a broken bone for instance) and will be dependent on clearance from the school medical team.

When Stephanie is actively using her powers or emotionally agitated, the sparkles intensify, but they are always present.


Singing, management


Writing, needlework, reading.


Stephanie is from a small city in Wisconsin, the youngest child in a family of six. She went through childhood and school with few ripples, playing the roles expected of her and fully expecting to live a life close to the one her parents did - small farm, husband, kids, etc. The plans came crashing down when she met her boyfriend, Chuck. Within a few months of the start of their relationship, she was pregnant, and by the time she was 16, she had an infant son.

It was shortly after his birth that Stephanie's powers manifested. Her recovery from a difficult birth was astonishingly fast and a few months after she began to generate a field of sparkles that marked her out as a mutant and kept her from leaving her house. Afraid of possible repercussions from the community, her parents considered homeschooling her for a short while until Stephanie, driven by a desire to eventually look after her son on her own, tracked down information on a school in New York that might offer her more than what her parents could. In probably the most self-determined moment of her young life, she inquired, applied for financial aid, and was accepted into Xavier's school.

She arrived at the school hopeful, but desperately missing her son.