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Intelligent, energetic, ambitious, and curious, Shuri is a child genius with an equal knack for trolling and tech. She has a quick sense of humor and a sense of self that make her fun to be around--assuming her royalty-instilled confidence isn't a little much for the company. She's an unashamed memelord and pop culture fanatic.


Shuri can project light into a three-dimensional, holographic form. It is only one color, a blusih-white, but she can use it to project anything she wants like her own personal holo-monitor. Or memeboard. >.>


Shuri is a great dancer and loves to prove it. She’s great with technology, in particular nanotech and various forms of energy harnessing and manipulation. She’s a natural with circuits and silicon... and vibratium, clearly. In Wakanda, she’s already invented a sonic system for their trains to make them safe to transport vibranium at high speeds and invented “sand tables” to mimic her own mutant abilities somewhat and create 3-d maps using magnetism. Languages come easily to her, and she's fluent in Xhosa, Igbo, Hausa, Swahili, and English. She can muddle through in French and Portuguese, and knows common phrases from anime >.>


The internet, pop culture, games, puzzles, American culture, new tech, Wakanda’s tech, medical tech, weapons and defensive tech.


Shuri was born to King T'Chaka and Queen Ramonda of Wakanda, younger sister to T'Challa, crown prince. For most, that might be daunting, but Shuri took to it like a fish to water, swimming along as the genius princess right from the start. To the rest of the world, Wakanda is a nation of isolated agriculturalists, farmers and shepherds that neither accept nor give aid, a backwater monarchy that's let the world pass it by. But the truth of Wakanda couldn't be further from that. Due to immense deposits of vibranium--the only ones in the world--Wakanda has immense wealth, technology, and education. All this, they've kept hidden for long generations, thereby riding out waves of colonialism unscathed.

T'Challa and Shuri were educated in order to be able to fit into the larger world and keep Wakanda above and beyond at the same time. Some of the finest minds in the world tutored King T'Chaka and Queen Ramonda's children, and both of them sucked up knowledge like sponges. When mutants began popping up in the news elsewhere, the Wakandan Royal Family immediately recognized their own--though very few even in Wakanda know T'Chaka and his family carry the mutant gene.

Now, T'Chaka is willing to send his kids to learn about other mutants throughout the world, largely as a defensive move. Shuri will take it.

Shuri was taught basic self-defense, but her brother was always the warrior, and she likes it that way. She does what she can to augment both her brother's natural skills, and those granted to her father (and eventually to her brother, too) by the Heart-Shaped Herb. When she wasn't learning about vibranium's many and varied uses, Shuri applied herself to the study of American popular culture whenever possible... and yet, there's still a lot she has to learn. Turns out Hollywood isn't everything?