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Shaun Gilmore has a big personality, and a big heart to go with it. He is warm, friendly, gregarious, and outgoing. Friends and acquaintances alike are greeted with big hugs and affectionate joshing, and Gilmore never enters or leaves a room unnoticed. He's generous with his time and treasures with close friends... just don't ask him to extend credit indefinitely. Even Gilmore's expansive generosity has its limits.

Despite his sometimes overwhelming presence, Shaun is dedicated to his friends, a consummate storyteller, and willing shoulder to cry on. He's a good listener, but rarely gives advice. Affection comes easily to him, but at times, real displays of emotion catch him off-guard. He spends so much time selling himself that genuine moments of connection make him a little bit sheepish.

Shaun is playfully flirtatious with everyone he meets, but is only attracted to men. He typically has several part-time boyfriends and has never had a serious long-term relationship.


Gilmore is an intuitive inventor with the innate ability to understand, deconstruct, replicate, and create objects and devices. Given time and the appropriate base materials, he could create anything short of actually creating life. However, he must have the right approximate base materials to work with. Gilmore couldn't create a sharp sword out of butter, for example, but he could use a metallic gum wrapper to conduct electricity even though that material would not normally do so.

Gilmore also has an enhanced aptitude for objects with interworking parts. He innately knows how energy flows through objects and can identify the properties of interworking items. For example, he would know that a locked suitcase contains a bomb as long as the trigger was connected to the function of the suitcase.


Shaun has a very natural knack for entrepreneurship and making money. He has a talent for identifying items and creations that will sell, as well as for persuasion, marketing, and salesmanship. He also has a killer fashion sense.

Shaun is generally good at handmade crafting, including jewelry-making, candle-making, soap-making, flower arranging, and decoupage. His mutant ability only kicks in when his crafts have interworking parts, so, not very often.


Gilmore's main interest is creating glorious goods that people want and love to own, and turning a profit on them. He's interested in fashion, trends, and pop culture, mostly as a source of inspiration for new products. Aside from designing and creating, Gilmore is extremely social and likes to plan elaborate outings to hang out with his friends in true glorious fashion.


How does a half-Indian, half-Turkish lad wind up with a name like Shaun Gilmore? Simple. His father was adopted from India by the Gilmores, an Irish couple from California, as a baby. His mother, the daughter of Turkish immigrants, married his father when they were both in their thirties. Shaun is an only child, named after a dear friend of his parents' who had passed away shortly before he was born. Little Shaun Gilmore grew up amid a veritable flood of doting adults from a rainbow of cultures.

From an early age, Shaun showed an interest in money and business. He ran a gourmet lemonade stand during the summers, and nearly always managed to win the top seller awards for school fundraisers. Little Shaun had a big smile and a lot of energy, and a talent for persuading adults to part with their money. His parents encouraged his interests, helped him launch, at age 13, Gilmore's Glorious Goods -- his online Etsy shop.

Shaun spent middle and high school creating a broad variety of Boy Wizard and Vampire Love Triangle related jewelry, soaps, candles, and other crafts. He had an excellent sense of which products and which pop culture phenomenons would prove incredibly popular, and crafted and marketed his wares specifically to other obsessed teens. It was hardly an Etsy empire, but Shaun was making more than a comfortable amount of pocket money.

Once his shop took off, Shaun began going by "Gilmore" almost exclusively at school, and he cultivated a wide circle of friends. He was popular with most students, and if anyone had a problem with his sexuality or his string of short-term boyfriends, Gilmore was determined not to notice. After all, he had parties to plan, charm bracelets to create, and money to make. He also had a growing interest in engineering, joining an after-school club for tinkerers and gadget enthusiasts. Already his mutant abilities were helping him, showing him how devices worked, down to the tiniest of gears and circuits. Shaun just thought this was one more area where he was possessed of a glorious talent -- naturally, since he was good at everything else.

His improvements and inventions always worked too well, and better than they should, but he didn't think it unusual. It wasn't until a high school science class assignment ended up coating the entire hall in candy floss that anyone began to suspect there was something more to Shaun Gilmore. Professor Xavier contacted his family almost immediately thereafter, and Shaun finally understood why he had such a talent with mechanical devices. However, he wanted to serve his the suspension he'd been given for the science class mess, as he felt he'd earned, and then transfer across the country to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, starting his junior year a few weeks late.