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Quatre is an extremely kind-hearted individual who believes in seeing the good in everyone. He tries his best to help anyone in need, many times to the point where it is detrimental to himself and can end up being hurt, emotionally or physically.

Though raised by his father who is a pacifist, Quatre believes that sometimes sitting back and doing nothing does not always work, which causes issues between him and his father constantly. If he sees injustice he feels he should fight to stop it.

Quatre loves to meet new people and make new friends, being very friendly even to those who aren’t the nicest to him.


Quatre has the ability to sense and literally feel other’s emotions by just the smallest touch of his skin against theirs, causing him to wear a thin pair of cotton gloves at most times. Along with being able to feel other people emotions, his power also lets him heavily influence and manipulate other’s emotions, able to turn a very sad person happy for at least three hours by a simple touch. 

Unfortunately, due to his ability to feel other’s emotions strongly, he can be swayed towards their way of thinking if he tries to tap too far into another person’s feelings. This can cause him to think and act as if those person’s emotions were his own for a bit.

Though he looks frail, Quatre is quite agile and has a very high level of endurance when it comes to physical things.


Quatre can play the violin very well, which he loves to practice, but will do it somewhere so that it won’t bother people. He can also play the piano, but due to the instrument not being very mobile, he hasn’t had much time to play it.

He can fight, after begging his bodyguard Rashid to teach him behind his father’s back, and can hold his own in a fist fight.

Quatre can speak five different languages; Kazakh, Arabic, English, Mandarin and Russian


Quatre loves animals, it does not matter what kind. Dogs are one of his favorites, but he also enjoys cats, birds and even rodents.

He has a deep appreciation for music, loving to listen or play whenever he gets the chance to relax.

He does not enjoy alcohol, not liking to be inebriated nor liking the taste, but does not mind going out with friends when they want to drink.


Quatre was born the third child and only son to Zayeed and Quaterine Winner in Almaty, Kazakhstan, thus making him the sole heir to the billion-dollar Winner Corporation. Unfortunately, the excitement over his birth was short lived, when his mother suffered from complications and quickly died after delivery. Luckily, no one seemed to hold this tragedy against the small boy and instead his many aunts and uncles took it upon themselves to make sure the boy felt loved in place of his missing mother.

Due to being constantly surrounded by his family, seven aunts and uncles and twenty-nine female cousins, Quatre never felt alone or unloved, growing up to be quite a happy and well-balanced young man. It was when he turned ten, his father decided he was old enough to be taught the way of pacifism, a way of thinking that Quatre agreed with whole-heartedly, until he received his powers.

He was eleven when one of his cousin’s dog had died, he had gone to console her when the moment his hand touched her skin tears started pouring from his eyes and he felt a sadness that he had rarely felt before. Wondering if maybe it had just been a weird instance, Quatre started trying out his new-found ability on almost anyone, getting a small thrill at being able to feel people’s happy feelings.

His new gift unfortunately turned into a curse when he and one of his cousins were kidnapped one afternoon and held hostage by group that wanted to take advantage of his father’s pacifist ways for a ransom that was obscene. When the men grabbed at him and moved him, he was repeatedly shown their hate and anger, so often that by the time they were finally safe Quatre had a hard time figuring out what emotions were his and what were just left over.

He came forward to his father about his powers after that, hurt when his father seemed cold and distant about the news, not offering Quatre any advice like he had many times before. Holding this now slight bitterness in his heart against his father, Quatre decided to try and work on his powers, to see if he could do something more with them.

Though he had decided to start wearing gloves, so as not to transfer any unwanted emotions, he secretly worked on his powers, getting to the point where he could influence people’s emotions for longer and longer periods of time. He had just started to get the hang of using his influence when the mutant riots around the world started to break out, causing those in his family who knew about his powers to worry for him.

Quatre grew more and more invested in the mutant rights movement, much to his father’s displeasure, and frequently spoke about Charles Xavier and his studies. He believed heavily that it was not right what they were wanting of mutants and that while peaceful methods were much more preferred, if non-mutants were going to be violent it was only fair that mutants were able to defend themselves.

Things grew incredibly heated between Quatre and his father, causing Quatre to finally decide that he needed time away from his father and his ideals. Quatre contacted Xavier, and was happy when the man quickly replied as well as asking him if he would like to be a part of his school for the gifted.

Quatre, having said goodbye to his entire family and loved ones, is off to America to learn how to use his gift for the better and hopefully find people with his outlook.