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The Trickfoot’s came by their name honestly, or rather dishonestly, and were known as a family of common criminals. Pike would have had quite the different upbringing if she hadn’t been raised by her grandfather, Wilhand. When he was young, Wilhand had felt a calling from God and decided to leave his family to live a more peaceful, spiritual life. Pike inherited his faith and strength of conviction and is guided by the principles of service and devotion, though she also has that Trickfoot troublemaker in her, though that mostly came out in pranks and a fondness for the Trickfoot Special booze that Wilhand makes in the cellar.

Pike is sweet and caring to a fault, but don’t let that –or her 3’9” height - fool you into think she’s a pushover. She was bold and tough enough to run with Grog, after all, not to mention the hijinks Vox Machina got up to.

At her root, she is deeply defined by her faith. She feels strongly about forming a deep personal connection with God and finding individual meaning in faith. That being said, she isn’t one to proselytize and she doesn’t judge others for not believing. Her god, after all, is kind and forgiving, a source of light in the darkness. Other people have their own light.

Partially due to this faith, she believes there can be good in everyone. But if someone has proven themselves to be irredeemable, she has no problems trying to take them down.


Healing: Pike can heal wounds, for example cuts and bruises. She can’t heal general health conditions (for example she can’t fix her grandfather’s diabetes) because they are too complex. Small wounds like scrapes are no problem to heal at all, but the bigger the injury the more exhausting it is to heal, and she will need to sleep to recover from anything big. She can try to heal bigger things in small bursts, though she will have to work on controlling when she stops healing, as her first impulse is to try to fix it all!

Physical effects:

  • When Pike’s mutation manifested, her hair went from black (with a purple streak) to a silvery blonde color.
  • When Pike heals, she glows. The amount she glows correlates with the amount she has to heal, from a soft candlelight level shimmer all the way to something almost too bright to look at. It makes her not very stealthy. While mostly she glows all over, it tends to be brighter around her hands and, as she tends to grasp her heirloom sunburst necklace when she heals, she has been told that the glow around her face makes her look quite angelic.


Basic first aid skills, Holding her booze, Fighting (she trains with Grog!), Rudimentary baking


Medicine, Religion, Hanging out with her friends, Becoming stronger than Grog someday


Pike’s childhood was mostly peaceful. She could be a little hellion if something made her mad, but she spent a good amount of time doing good works through the church. She was particularly interested in learning first aid so that she could help out the local families, which proved useful one day when Wilhand brought an injured young man back to their home. The young man, none other than Grog Strongjaw, had stopped his gang from mugging Wilhand, but had become their victim in her grandfather’s stead. Working with Wilhand, they restored Grog to health and invited him to stay with them. Soon enough, Grog and Pike were the best of friends, siblings in everything but blood.

One of the best things about being friends with Grog was that she felt free to go a little wild with him, giving in to her thirst for adventure. Wilhand never tried to limit her, and in fact encouraged her not to let her short stature (from dwarfism due to a genetic HGH insensitivity) hold her back, but it was just easier to be bold with a behemoth like Grog backing her up.

This boldness was reinforced and encouraged when she and Grog joined the best group there is, The Shits – er, Vox Machina, rather. They were all jerks in their own way, but she loved them. She was crushed when they all drifted apart, but it was equally important that she could be reliably there for her admittedly scatterbrained grandfather. She was happy enough with Wilhand and Grog, but then Grog admitted that he had some strange abilities. Trying to help her friend control his new gifts, she gave Grog a pair of motorcycle gloves and told him that they were magical. She was relieved when an older gentleman arrived at their door and promised to actually help Grog control his powers, even though that meant him leaving to go to school in the states.

Life continued uneventfully for Pike for a while. She continued taking care of her grandfather and going to her Catholic school, occasionally skyping with Vox Machina when they all reunited in New York. She soon noticed some concerning things, though. An upperclassman, Jurazel, seemed to be accumulating a strange sort of power with the teachers’ tacit permission. He was all friendly smiles at first, promising to smooth the way for younger students and create a more comfortable school environment for all but, well, Pike knew a protection racket when she saw one. And she wasn’t one to let an injustice like that lie.

Her classmates warned her of consequences, but she was still caught by surprise one day when, while she was walking home, she felt herself shoved from behind. She fell, hard, and her head slammed down on the sidewalk curb. As she was losing consciousness, bleeding profusely with a fractured frontal and zygomatic bone, Pike felt a warmth suffuse her body and she saw a bright light – thinking it was heaven, she mourned losing her friends and family but opened herself up to it.

A few days later, after waking up in the hospital, she discovered that it wasn’t the light of heaven. No, it had been light from her. Witnesses had told the paramedics that she had glowed a brilliant bright white before she lost consciousness. The paramedics didn’t take it seriously – too busy worrying about the tiny girl who had a nasty cut over her eye and had lost consciousness, but didn’t seem to have anything else actually wrong with her.

When Pike finally woke up three days later, Wilhand was overjoyed, and eagerly told her about how she must have been blessed with healing from the divine. While fully believing that God could have healed her directly, Pike had an inkling of how God might have allowed for her miraculous healing. After all, all her other friends were mutants and she had always had faith that they would see each other again. She was a little distressed to learn that Jurazel had been caught before he could flee the scene of the crime and had been expelled for trying to harm another student - she had an urge to punch him somewhere deeply painful.

Later that day Pike was shocked to find that her hair, previously black with a dyed purple streak, was now silvery blonde! Wilhand thought it was a sign of her being blessed, of being a lightbringer and beacon of hope in dark times, and thought it looked very nice. Luckily, Pike agreed. After staring at the cut over her eye – and feeling like she was going to pass out from lack of energy when she even considered trying to heal it, not to mention she didn’t even know how to trigger her powers – she decided that she liked how that looked, too. It made her seem rakish.