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Pugancious, defensive, downright bratty most of the time, Pietro can sometimes seem like a mouth that never stops. All that is largely the product of his deep insecurities--it's his front, and he'd die before he dropped it. With people he cares about, his other side comes out: loyal, affectionate, protective, and eager to please. He believes in his Brotherhood. Almost as much as he believes in his sister (but not quite)


Superspeed. Pietro is constantly in a sped-up state--thankfully he doesn't age that way.


Speed reading, writing, snarking, dancing.


Literature, learning new things, music, political activism.


After a somewhat idyllic childhood with the Maximoffs, Wanda and Pietro's biological father found them and scooped them up. At first, Pietro didn't mind--Marya was struggling on her own after Django's unexpected death, and Erik Lensherr seemed cool--but Wanda never warmed to the idea. Once her powers manifested and Erik sent Wanda away, Pietro came around to her side of things; he ran away more than once, and the final time was gone, living on his own for almost a year, before Erik had to come bail him out of jail. Once Wanda came back, though, Pietro decided to stay. Even if his father did fuck him and his sister over royally by stealing years of their life, at least he's right about the whole mutant thing.

After Erik got shot and bailed on them (again), Pietro's entire loyalty was transferred to the Brotherhood, not his father. He believes in their mission of standing up for mutants, and he'll preach it all day long. By force if he has to.