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*laughs hysterically* - oh wait, you're serious??

Pete's rude. He's abrasive. He'll tell you straight to your face that he doesn't want to meet you, and he means it. People are always after something, are usually full of shit, and he's better off without them.

That said, Pete will go the extra mile for anyone who genuinely needs it, friend or no. "It needed to be done" is his motto in these cases, and it ultimately doesn't matter whether or not someone else should be doing it - if they're not, he will.


Pete has the ability to generate "hot knives", which describes as "thin plates of razor sharp thermal energy that have enough speed and heat to cut through almost anything when fired, or can be shaped into blades extending from each finger." He also has the capability to use these to create a personal shield which incinerates incoming projectiles, but he hasn't mastered that trick just yet.


The ability to make any clothing he's wearing look as if he's slept in it, even if he'd taken it off the hangar that morning. No, seriously, it's a gift.

No? Fine. Pete's not half bad in a scrap, though he fights dirty. He's good at picking up on clues and putting them together - physical clues, that is, not social ones. Or possibly he puts those together too and just ignores the results completely.


Detective novels (not that he'll admit it), alcohol, cigarettes, action-adventure movies


Pete Wisdom grew up in London, the son of Police detective Harold Wisdom and his wife Marjorie. When Pete was 12, his parents divorced (he never knew the reason, and just figures it's because his father's a wanker). His parents split custody - Pete went with his dad to a two bedroom apartment in Whitechapel while his older sister Romany stayed with their mom.

A few years later, and Pete had a row with his mom over the phone about a planned visit. Pissed off, he decided not to show - and his mom, who was standing at the window watching for him, was shot by a spree killer. Pete's still blaming himself. So is his father.

Shortly thereafter, Pete was approached by someone who identified himself as Nigel Orpington-Smythe, the head of the recently formed Resources Control Initiative. He'd gotten wind of Pete's mutant ability (Pete suspects Betsy's involvement, but doesn't know for sure) and wanted to offer him the opportunity to serve Queen and Country as part of STRIKE, a group of mutants who would receive training in their gifts in exchange for them using them as agents of the Crown. Despite some lingering questions as to just how Orpington-Smythe heard of his abilities (which he knew about, yeah, but he hadn't let on to anyone other than Romany), Pete agreed.

He'd already gone on a few missions with Betsy Braddock of the psi division when STRIKE agents quite inexplicably started falling dead. Pete and Betsy have decided to find out how and why - preferably before they're the next targets.