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If asked, Percy would say he’s a genius first and a pragmatist second. It’s true--the first is followed closely by the second--and makes for a mix of arrogance, self-loathing, and stubbornness. He’d be the first to admit he’s a bit of a mess.

Percy is hard on himself, harder than he is on other people and certainly harder on himself than anyone else. He judges himself harshly for the mistakes he’s made, and does not forgive himself easily for them. His decisions don’t escape his scrutiny other, even when they are made with the best intentions.

There is good in Percy, though he has trouble seeing it. He has the capacity for great kindness and he cares deeply about people. A loyal friend, he would do anything for those he cares about. He loves fiercely  though he’s not always good at showing it. His reserved, controlled demeanor doesn’t leave much room for emotional declarations. He has a tendency to give gifts to friends and loved ones as gestures of his affections, just small things here and there.


Shadow form: A massive, nine foot tall form made out of black shadow that moves and swirls like smoke. It’s broad-shouldered and monstrous-looking with clawed hands and a head like a raven’s. The shadow is a solid form, but can, at will, become not only incorporeal, but disperse into formless smoke as well. It has enhanced speed, strength, durability, stamina, agility, reflexes, and healing capabilities.

While in this form, feelings of anger and ruthlessness are magnified can be difficult to control. They can be overwhelming and can completely overtake rational and logical thought.  This is especially true when a transformation is triggered by anger, particularly anger brought on by a desire for vengeance. Before a transformation, especially a forced one, wisps of smoke-like shadow start coming off of Percy.


Sharpshooting, engineering, languages, drawing


Reading (nonfiction in particular), STEM, the application of technology to mutations, metalworking, chess, football (not that American trash)


The third of seven children, Percy was born into a moderately well-known political, royal family of old money. He grew up on the family estate of Whitestone in Northern England and, with some many siblings willing to follow in the steps of their parents, he was able to pursue studies in what interested him the most--The sciences.

Two years before his arrival at Xavier’s, a mysterious couple calling themselves Lord and Lady Briarwood visited Whitestone. During a dinner held in their honor, they attacked the de Rolo’s and their staff, revealing themselves to be mutants. With her necromantic abilities, Lady Briarwood struck everyone down with a sickness that killed them in mere minutes. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, Percy saw none of this. He, as he was wont to do, had slipped away from dinner to spend some time in the library. He was unaware anything had happened until Barrows, the family’s butler, came stumbling into the library, bleeding from every orifice and shouting that the Briarwoods were killing everyone. He dropped to the floor after, his body contorted in pain even in death.

Percy raced out of the library and right into the strong hands of Lord Briarwood. Struggling, he  was dragged to a room, tied up and and locked inside up with Lord Briarwood promising that they would deal with him later. He lost track of how long he was there before a door, a forgotten secret passage behind a bookcase, opened and his sister, who had been sent to bed early into dinner, slipped in. Cassandra helped him escape. The two ran, escaping from the house and racing across the grounds. Cassandra fell, but the terrified Percy kept running. He fell into the river and he lost consciousness as he was yanked down by the rushing water. Unbeknownst to him, his mutation manifested and it saved him from dying in the river that day.

When Percy came to, he had washed up far away from Whitestone on the shore of the river. He pulled himself to his feet and walked to the nearest town. Word reached him soon--how could it not when it was all over the news?--that Cassandra was alive and being called the sole survivor of a mysterious illness that had wiped out the entire de Rolo household. There wasn’t a single mention of the Briarwoods or their associates. Percy, afraid and unready to return home, took to the life of a runaway. During this time, he became aware of his mutation and worked hard to keep it a secret.

Percy was not alone long when hunger and desperation drove him to try and pickpocket in London. It was a poor attempt and he was caught in the attack by a police officer. A group of runaways calling themselves Vox Machina stepped in, causing a commotion so he could get away before he was loaded into the back of the patrol car. He decided to stay with the group and he found them quickly worming their way into his life in a way he had refused to let anyone--They were becoming family.

More recently, Vox Machina parted ways to take care of familial and personal matters. Still unwilling to return to his own home, Percy remained behind at the warehouse the group had been squatting at that they had dubbed Greyskull Keep. While there, he was visited by Charles Xavier who extended an offer to join his school. Distrusting at first, Percy was eventually won over and he decided to accept.