Academy_X Wiki

Participation Guidelines[]

Let it be said, there is no minimum level of participation to RP on Academy X. We ask that if you are going to be gone for an extended period, you notify the group so that we don't think you've fallen off the face of the Earth, but while you are gone, your characters will continue going to classes, attending training, socializing, etc.

That said, there are a few common sense courtesies we'd like everyone to observe.

  • Plots. There will be plots on AX. The kids are heroes-in-training, and will have missions to go on, etc. Participation in missions is NOT MANDATORY - joining the X-Men is not a requisite to receiving an education at the school, and we realize that action plots aren't everyone's cup of tea. However, if you opt into a plot, it's a courtesy to your fellow players to reply regularly. Priority should be given to these group logs, so that they can completed in a timely manner
  • Group logs. Posting order applies, unless the group has broken into separate groups, in which case we recommend splitting the log and recombining it when appropriate. If you don't want your character to reply, please reply with a (Skip (character name)). Should you need to be absent for an extended period while a group log is in progress, please try to find a way to exit your character from the action (send them ahead to scout, knock them unconscious, have them hang back to check on something - whatever's appropriate). You may also request that someone NPC your character along with theirs for a short time to keep things moving (i.e., Scott Summers mentions that Bobby Drake is following along and/or following his instructions).
  • Obviously, there are situations that occur when you may not be able to make arrangements in advance, or something unforeseen occurs that necessitates an extended absence. Should something like this occur, the other members of the group log should approach a mod for instruction. We promise not to kill your character or cause them any extensive damage, but reserve the right to temporarily knock them unconscious, send them off on their own, or assign someone to NPC them along so that the log can continue. Please note that this does not apply to non-plot logs or to player-driven plots, but only to ones that are mod-created and which involve multiple characters. Non-plot or player drive plots are your own, and can proceed at whatever speed you prefer.
  • God modding. Given the nature of the game, it's sometimes easy to assume that certain things would have happened between characters on days on which logs don't occur. DON'T. If there's any doubt whatsoever, contact the other player's character to confirm this, and work it out in advance. If you feel your character has been godmodded, please contact the other player and attempt to resolve it before involving other players or the mods. Should there still be confusion or discord, the mods will held you resolve it. In addition, Professor Xavier is not available to be NPCd without Mod permission.
  • Play nice. If your actions are going to have a big effect on another character not participating in a log, give their player a heads' up as soon as you realize it so that they're aware. If your character is doing something in public that other characters would react to, please notify the group before the log is posted, and try not to backdate it so that the other characters have a chance to react. Again, this is just common courtesy.

Dropping a Character[]

Sometimes, a character you've apped may prove not to work for you. Sometimes you can't find their inner voice, or they don't fit as well as you would have preferred. If this occurs, just notify the mods that you'd like to drop the character. Depending upon their level of participation in the game, a new player will either need to incorporate their in game history into their application, or it will be wiped clean (for example, if Jono's player has done one log and that log is not important to the character with whom they were doing it, it may be said to have not occurred.0 Every attempt will be made to discuss this with any affected players in advance. You will be allowed to app another character to replace the one you've dropped, provided you have not dropped more than two characters in the past six months (special exceptions apply).

Dropping the Game[]

Real life is bogging you down, and you don't see an end in sight. Not a problem - you're welcome to stay on as a player on AX for as long as you like, so long as you send the mods periodic updates (one every 3-4 months). If you choose to leave instead, no problem - we'll miss you, but we'll understand and you'll be welcome back should you choose to return! Just contact the mods and we'll make any necessary arrangements.

If we have not heard from you for 6 months, we will attempt to contact you. If you don't reply, we will assume that you're no longer interested in playing. You'll still be welcome back should you choose to return.