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Pam's a bitch.

Well, not really. Fatale is - but Fatale's largely a persona, one who Pam pulls into place as a defense mechanism. She's sarcastic, snotty, full of herself, and self-assured, often to a dangerous degree. Fatale can deal with <i>anything</i>.

Pam can't. The insecure girl from the wrong side of the tracks went through hell in the Right's hands - and still has mixed feelings about whether or not it was worth it, because at least she came out of it being good for something, even if that something was assassination. The external scars don't bother her much, but the internal ones run a lot deeper. Spending three months invisible did nothing for her mental health, something that resulted in a deep felt need to be <i>noticed</i> just to be able to assure herself that she still exists. She's also largely unable to function for any length of time without Alex, to whom she credits what sanity she has left. She's not wrong.


Pam originally manifested the ability to turn herself blue - and had a healing factor of which she was unaware. After the Right's experimentation, her powers are:

Teleportation: Pam can open human sized portals between locations. She normally bases this on GPS coordinates, but can also open portals to locations she knows well, can see, or can deduce the coordinates of. The last is risky, given the possibility of opening a portal in a solid obect, but as she hasn't done so yet it would appear the laws of physics are working in her favor.

Light manipulation: Pam can warp the light around herself to appear differently, or to become invisible. She has the potential to extend this to another person standing directly beside her (ideally touching) but she hasn't learned that, yet.

Hand/eye coordination: Astonishing. She mostly uses it for projectiles, because that's what she was taught, but it potentially has other applications as well.


Assassination, mimicry, quick reflexes - and she makes killer peanut butter rice krispie bars. No, really.


She'll get back to you once she develops some.


Pam grew up in a trailer park in Reno, Nevada.  Her teenaged mom had a succession of boyfriends, a couple of short-duration marriages, a drug habit, and little to no interest in her older daughter - or in her younger one, who died in a car accident when Pam was seven.  Pam learned the important things early on - how to take care of herself, that it was best to stay away from her mom's boyfriends, especially when they were high, and that food was only reliably obtained from the school's free breakfast and lunch program.  That was just the way it was.

When she was twelve, Pam woke one morning feeling as if she had a really bad sunburn.  Honesty frightened, as she couldn't remember ever having been sick, she debated what she should do - and still hadn't made up her mind two days later, when she watched as her arm turned blue.  It lasted only a few minutes, but her mom's current husband was anything but tolerant.  Pam packed up her things and took off.  She's still not sure whether or not her mom ever noticed.

It wasn't long after - a few weeks, a couple of months at most - before Pam got picked up by the police for shoplifting. When they were unable to contact her mother, they placed her temporarily in a secure juvenile facility.  Pam's still not sure if it was someone there who contacted the Right, or if it was someone from the police department, but she was "transferred" just a few days later.

At first, it seemed like the best thing that had ever happened to her.  They told her that she was a mutant - she'd suspected that much - and that while her ability wasn't anything remarkable, they might be able to help with that if she was willing to participate in a study they were doing.  Pam listened as, for the first time in her life, people told her she had the potential to be something remarkable - and bought in.  

The reality was somewhat different than advertised.  Pam became the facility's first experimental subject to survive not just one but several attempts to artificially manipulate her mutation.  Each of the attempts was more painful than the last as her healing factor began to fail, but her handlers assured her each time that it was worth it and Dr. Essex, who began showing up for each of her procedures, assured her she was going to be extraordinary.

She wasn't who decided the best use of her talents was assassination, but by then she didn't care.  Oh, she made a few attempts at escape, especially after exceptionally difficult procedures or training disincentives, and there was the time when she stabbed her trainer, but overall, she did what she was told, followed the rules - and flirted with the cute blond kid when she could manage it.  The rest of the internees she mostly avoided, having already realized there wasn't any point in getting close to them.  It wasn't as if any of them were ever around for long.

It was only after the scientists attempted to give her the ability to manipulate light to change her appearance that things went drastically downhill.  Pam had difficulty learning to use her new ability - and when she did, she was startled into accidentally turning herself invisible.  Due to a series of coincidental mistakes, she managed to give her handlers the slip and escape into the facility, which sadly hadn't been designed to detect invisible test subjects.  It was several weeks before she was caught - and she still hadn't figured out how to turn the invisible effect off.  

A few weeks later, and she stopped trying, curled up in a ball, and waited to just turn into the ghost she was reasonably sure she already was.

It was then that Dr. Essex stepped in, and demanded that the scientists salvage the experiment.  Uncertain how to proceed, they tried putting the one person she'd shown any positive interest in into her infirmary room with her - and after a few days, she started actually responding to Alex.  

What happened after that is a blur that Pam's fairly certain is self-induced.  The scientists, per Dr. Essex's orders, ceased their attempts to mutate her further and focused on her training.  Usually, this involved training against holographic opponents, but she's fairly certain that some of her targets were real, and at least two of them were people she knew. She's almost positive she was taken out of the facility a few times for other "training", but she can't remember with any detail what she did.  It was also at this time that she stopped responding to any name but Fatale. And whenever possible, she teleported into Alex's room to reassure herself that yes, she really was still alive, because Alex had the uncanny ability to "see her", even when she couldn't see herself.

She'd pretty much resigned herself to the knowledge that this was going to be her life when the Brotherhood showed up.  Briefly skeptical, when she realized what kind of disarray they were causing she took matters into her own hands - and showed the scientists and guards just what kind of a killer they'd created.  She was still holding onto the bloody knife when Avalanche wrapped a blanket around her and told her they were taking her back to the base.