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Otabek can come off as stiff and standoffish. He has a rugged exterior, but it masks a passionate soul. He’s an introvert, slow to socialize with his peers. Otabek was older than many of the students he initially trained with. Moving to other countries added a level of social adjustment and language faux pas. While he eventually adjusted to new settings, he found it easier to stay quiet when muddling through new interactions. Otabek expresses himself through music and through his skating. When he’s in motion, he’s free to share the words in his heart.


Sound nullification. Otabek creates silence. This can impact his immediate vicinity or the room he’s in. The power impacts sound waves, not human perception. 


Mainly ice skating, some forms of dance (let's not talk about ballet), and mixing music


Skating, DJing, riding (motorcycle)


At age 12 Otabek left Kazakhstan to focus on his skating career. He travelled to Russia, followed by Canada, and then most recently the United States. Since Otabek sees his family infrequently he’s very independent and self-driven. His hard work paid off when he placed high in his senior debut. He has a large fanbase back in Almaty, and while he thinks the nickname “The Hero Of Kazakhstan” may give him too much credit, their support is currently his biggest inspiration. 

Otabek hoped to return home to Almaty this year, but his plans have been diverted to Xavier’s school. Otabek’s power started manifesting recently, but initially the impact was too small to notice. Prior to arrival, Otabek outed himself to his coach and teammates by accidentally silencing the room while too focused on his routine during training. Going to Xavier’s will hopefully even out his control so that his ability won’t negatively impact his career.