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Ororo's learned to be self-sufficient and to take care of other kids. She won't take help if she can help it, not unless you're a much older, wiser figure - and even then, she'll want to take your counsel and learn from you, rather than your direct help, because that's what she is used to. On the other hand, she is used to taking care of younger, more vulnerable kids. Human kids, for the most part, so she does not discriminate against them. She favors the misfits, the kids that seem like outsiders, and she'll particularly reach out to them, in Xavier's.

She can be prickly if she isn't sure about you, but she'll learn to mellow the more she knows people. She'll put a lot of hope in what Xavier is doing, and will absolutely want to be a part of it, and eventually, she'll learn to let go of her defensiveness.

All in all, she puts a lot of importance on care - as in care for each other, mostly - and she can be a natural leader given half a chance. She strongly believes that humans and mutants can live side by side, and will work toward that end.

Ororo is severely claustrophobic and will do not well at all in small enclosed spaces.

Moreover, she has learned to keep a tight lid on her feelings so that they do not manifest through her powers. When those feelings are too strong, that could be… bad, to say the least. Disastrous, to be more accurate.


Her mutation is weather control, and it manifests in many different ways.

She can control weather but not create it out of nowhere; if she makes it rain where she is, the moisture will have to come from somewhere. If she dismisses bad weather, the clouds will be heading somewhere else.

She masters wind and wind currents and is able to create tornadoes/hurricanes, and use a strong enough, concentrated wind to lift herself (or others) up into the air. She can summon lightning from the sky and direct it where she wants. She can also raise or lower temperature levels, including her own, so that she can adjust to weather conditions. She can summon clouds, fog, or mist to act as cover - and furthermore rain, snow, sleet, hail, all of it.

Whenever she uses her power, her eyes go full white and she is able to see electrical energy and the factors behind weather phenomena.

Eventually, she will learn to scramble psionic attacks and to manipulate pressure to the point of creating a pressure dome against physical attacks.


Picking pockets, picking locks, general thieving. Speaks English, Arabic, Swahili, Wakandan, and Yoruba. She has a particularly strong will. She will be particularly skilled at hand to hand combat and marksmanship, if she gets to learn them - she already has a veeeery few bases in hand-to-hand. She will also be a skilled pilot.


Survival. Food. Ecology. Gardening. Languages and cultures, with an emphasis on non-Western. (Although she'll probably grow addicted to one silly tv show or another, we shall see!)

And ice cream. Because, come on. Ice cream!


Ororo was actually born in New York City, the child of photojournalist David Munroe and Kenyan tribe princess N'Daré. When she was six months old, they moved to Cairo at her mother's urging. Ororo doesn't remember much from those early years, but what she does remember are happy memories.

When she was five, a plane crashed on her house, killing her parents and burying her under the rubble beside her mother's corpse. The trauma still lives with her to this day. She managed to get out from under the rubble, her clothes in tatters, her only reminder of her parents an ancestral ruby of her mother's. She still wears it to this day, as a pendant.

She was taken in by a gang of street urchins led by Achmed El Gibar. He trained her as a thief and Ororo quickly became his star pupil. As she grew up, she became the child-leader of the small gang. When she began to realize what she could do, she used her powers to create distractions from their thieving, mostly with short bursts of wind, since that was the most she could do at the time.

But before long, she felt the urge to travel south, for no reason that she could pinpoint. She made her goodbyes to the other kids, then took off before Achmed could try to stop her. She travelled through many African countries, escaped some rather dire situations (and was forced to kill one man on the way, swearing never to do it again), met an entirely more lovely boy, discovered a whole lot more about her powers, and eventually reached her ancestors' homeland in the Kilimanjaro Valley, in Kenya. There, she was taken in by an elderly tribal woman named Ainet, who began to teach her more about her powers, helping her develop them responsibly. Ainet also taught her about the long line of priestesses she came from, all of them white-haired and blue-eyed.

Before she knew it, Ororo was worshipped as a goddess by several tribes in the region. This grew to be more than she could handle at her age, especially when word began to spread and visitors came from farther and farther away to see this goddess. When the first anti-mutant group came to get her, she defeated them (without killing them) and had a long talk with Ainet. They both decided that she had better leave, for her sake as well as everybody else's here.

So Ororo prepared to leave, heartbroken that her dream of living hand in hand with non-mutant humans had grown too dangerous. She was planning to return to Cairo, the only other home she remembered, and hide her abilities for the most part, when a telepath in a wheelchair showed up with a proposition for her to attend his school for mutants in the USA.

After more discussion with Ainet, and then more discussion with him, she decided to accept his offer, and, after symbolically shaving the sides of her head, flew back to New York with him.