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Cautious, mildly manic and slightly nervous most of the time, Nott is frequently betrayed by her kleptomania and has poor impulse control in general. Nott also has her decidedly playful, thoughtful, caring, and earnestly sweet aspects as well. She is reflexively skittish and skeptical, but once she feels relatively safe will begin to open up, and is eager for people that she can trust in her life. Nott has learned to cope with people being terrible first and foremost by running and hiding. When running and hiding is no good, Nott has learned to face her fears by developing a drinking habit, finding comfort, stability, and even reckless bravado leading to sporadic acts of violence with the liberal application of liquid courage.


Innate Transmutation - Nott can unconsciously change the properties of anything consumed or otherwise deposited into her body. (It helps that her sharp little teeth are hard enough to bite through metal.) She can effectively swallow nuts and bolts whole, drink poison, and eat literal garbage with no lasting complications, her body immediately altering and processing the previously inedible elements. Her body can only do so much at once, so it seems unlikely that this ability would ultimately be able to save her from ravages such as drowning, suffocating, burning or ingesting a bomb about to go off, etc. She has only begun to discover that she can actively control these internal changes, storing various chemical elements ingested and applying them to magical manipulations of matter outside of her own person.

Limited Spellcasting - Nott will never make a great mage, with next to no formal education and not much patience for book learning, but she has enough of an arcane affinity that allows her to pick up a few minor tricks of magic here and there when they're taught to her. Like Caleb, the cost of spellcasting requires an exchange of energy that will physically exhaust her if she attempts to abuse these abilities. Unlike Caleb, she can eat just about anything to gain that energy and doesn't need to work out spell logistics in quite the same way, but she is also much less sophisticated, prolific, and powerful in her abilities than he is. Her current spells include an invisible spectral hand for tasks such as pickpocketing, creating an illusory disguise for herself, and sending arcane private messages.


Thievery, lockpicking, shooting (firearms and crossbows), stabbing, stealth and sneakery, simple scams, alchemy/chemistry, dad jokes


Stealing stuff, drinking, stealing stuff while drinking, shiny things, sneaking, prying, making dangerous substances, blowing things up


Nott has never had an easy life, even before being taken by the Right. And she doesn't really want to talk about it much.

That said, Nott's clan has owned and operated a sprawling junkyard of a community in the Ozark hills of Missouri for generations, its closest civilized neighbor a rundown old farming town called Felderwin. She comes from a chaotic bramble of a family tree and isn’t exactly sure of her birthday. They aren't the kind of people that put stock in things like society and the law, so much of their existence has gone undocumented and unnoticed by any official governing body. The kids go to school for their first numbers and letters, but most drop out before highschool. They're known in the town nearby as criminals and troublemakers, but they live so far on the fringes of civilization that who really cares?

Nott herself began to show outward signs of mutation at about eleven years of age, and she soon enough took on an entirely different appearance. Her skin and hair have turned green, her teeth grown into sharp little fangs, her eyes yellow with slitted pupils and her long ears pointed. Nott's hands and feet are four-digited rather than five (one being a thumb/big toe), with hard, sharp claws for nails. Her slim, scrawny body has apparently stopped growing, leaving her ~3.5 feet tall and 45 pounds. She is small and slight, but she is amazingly fast and at times surprisingly intelligent.

Nott's family might have tolerated her changes in appearance in and of themselves, but they didn't like the attention that her appearance would draw if she was caught out in public and she'd never been family favorite. Theirs was the type of homestead in which every member was expected to contribute to the greater good of the clan as they were told to do. When Nott refused to play the part she was given, she ran away from home and never looked back.

Scrappy, resourceful, and clever as an unhinged feral fox, Nott managed on her own for a while. But eventually, the Right caught hold of her, and she was placed in one of their Facilities. Always looking for her means of escape, she came to befriend one of her fellow captives, a broken, talented boy named Caleb Widogast. He was special. His powers were amazing, he didn't mind how she looked, they shared something in the arcane - and he was just as desperate to get out of there. They could make it out, eventually, together... Unless they did something stupid, like Caleb trying to protect her from the guards when they caught her stealing. Unless the high-ups discovered their escape planning. Unless they sent Caleb to another Facility, the Facility that she was in was destroyed by some crazy mutant kids, and she was left to fend for herself again following her narrow escape.

Some of the Right's operatives saw the assaults on their Facilities as the writing on the wall, one such being an insightful man known as Trent. Trent, a mysterious bogeyman of a figure from Caleb's past with his own agenda beyond the Right, stole a number of the Right's valuable resources out from under them while they were preoccupied with the outside threat. He took these resources - including a list of promising young mutant prospects - to Genosha with him. That list included 'Beau.'

Nott doesn't really know all of that. What Nott knows is that as she was scrounging to make it on her own, as one does after escaping a terrifying secret military mutant experimentation Facility, a big mean girl abducted her for this Trent guy to use in getting back a valuable former student of his... Caleb. The Big Mean Girl changed her mind about a few things, and Nott was eventually rescued by Caleb, Clint, Cal and Molly. All of which brought her - and Beau - to become students at Xavier's.