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Nico is a ray of sunshine, thank you very much. Okay, so maybe he's a little gloomy instead. He trusts exactly no one and wishes more than anything that he could raise the dead for real.


Raising the dead (kind of)—most people call them zombies. Nico can re-animate a dead body. It will maintain certain hallmarks of their personalities, but for the most part it is a shell of their former selves that Nico can then order around. He also has the ability to shadow walk, meaning that he can use shadows as a mode of transportation. It's very draining on him, and he's only ever done it once. Maybe he'll get better at shadow walking in the future. Although he doesn't know it yet, Nico also has the ability to take life from the living.


Convincing dead animals to steal him McDonalds. What, does that not count as a talent?


Nico has a big interest in Greek mythology (thank you Mythomagic!) and in righting the wrongs of the world that caused his sister to die. If that includes some sort of confrontation with his father, even better.


Nico was born in Italy, he thinks, but shortly thereafter moved to the US with his mom and sister, Bianca. After a freak lightening accident that claimed the life of his mother, Nico’s absentee father sent Nico and Bianca to a hotel in Las Vegas to live, then a boarding school in Maine. When he was eleven and Bianca was thirteen, Bianca was killed during a field trip with some friends—maybe it was just a coincidence that all of those killed were young mutants. Nico didn’t really think so. Withdrawn and scared of both his burgeoning powers as well as his crush on an older boy named Percy, Nico ran away from the boarding school. He lived on the streets with only his knife and the dead as his friends.

You could say there was no love lost for Nico and humanity. He had gotten good at hiding in the shadows, reanimating dead rats to steal him some McDonalds, and defending himself.