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Most of the NPCs are played by the mods, with the general exception of any characters related to students, and The Brotherhood characters. They don't have wiki pages at the moment, but some information is provided here.

At the School[]

Professor X 03.jpg

Professor Charles Xavier[]

Professor Xavier serves as the Headmaster of the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. He also teaches History, Psychology and a mandatory ethics class, as well as working one on one with individual students on their mutant powers.


Emma Frost[]

Emma Frost was a teacher and Assistant Headmistress of the elite Massachusetts Academy. For reasons she's chosen not to reveal, she's accepted a position teaching math at Xavier's, and will be holding telepathic defense workshops. Emma is brash, sarcastic, and has little use for telepathic ethics.

Hank McCoy.jpg

Hank McCoy[]

Dr. Henry McCoy (call him Hank) is a renowned researcher in biological sciences - or was, until a genetics experiment went wrong, activating latent mutant abilities. He's now offered to take over Dr. MacTaggart's Biology class, freeing up some time in her research schedule - and in addition, will be putting his secondary undergraduate degree in English literature to good use teaching the Comm classes.

Moira MacTaggert.jpg

Dr. Moira MacTaggert[]

Dr. MacTaggert teaches classes in anatomy and mutant physiology. She maintains her primary laboratory on Muir Island in Scotland and normally teaches via Skype, but visits the school in person for about a week each month, during which students' labs are scheduled. She also serves as the school's doctor, and can be at the school via teleporter in the event of an emergency. Dr. MacTaggert is a no-nonsense, practical woman with a sarcastic streak and little patience for those who she feels aren't paying attention or taking things as seriously as they should.

Peter Corbeau.jpg

Peter Corbeau[]

Dr. Corbeau is a multidisciplinary scientist, and teaches Chemistry, Physics, and Astrophysics. He also gives flight instruction via a simulator, and will be responsible for giving actual flying lessons in the future. He enjoys teaching like-minded students but is more aloof than most of the rest of the faculty, though he's greatly looking forward to giving flight lessons and keeping up whatever aircraft the Professor eventually purchases. He also has government contacts who are willing to share confidential information, which he reports to the Professor.

Sean cassidy.jpg

Sean Cassidy[]

Sean Cassidy is Terry's father; a nice guy, personable and helpful, and extremely Irish. He's the new art teacher, and will also been helping out at the shooting range as an instructor focusing on gun safety as well as helping out any of the flyers.

Sharon Friedlander.jpg

Sharon Friedlander[]

A former ER nurse, Sharon deals with the school's less urgent medical needs and teaches a Health class which includes basic first aid. Sharon is approachable and friendly, and more than willing to serve as a confidant to the students.

Stevie Hunter.jpg

Stevie Hunter[]

Stevie operates a dance studio in Salem Center, but comes to the school twice a week to give dance lessons there as well. Stevie takes dance very seriously (she was once a professional dancer before a knee injury ended her career), and is easily wheedled into giving students rides to Salem Center.

Tom Corsi.jpg

Tom Corsi[]

A former police officer, Tom Corsi teaches gym, handles general school maintenance, and monitors the school's security systems. Tom's a down-to-earth sort of guy, is more than willing to talk with students, and enjoys tinkering with cars in his off hours.





Magneto - Erik Lenscherr[]

Erik Lenscherr is well known as an outspoken proponent for mutant rights. His past, however, is shrouded in mystery. It is known that Erik was raised by his grandmother, an Auschwitz survivor. He learned from an early age just how far bigotry and ignorance could be taken, and vowed that it would never happen again, not to him and not to anyone he cared about.

It wasn't until he was an adult that Erik's mutant powers manifested. He, his wife Magda, and their daughter were trying to cross secretly to West Berlin when they were discovered and shot at by East German soldiers. Erik watched his daughter Anya fall, and in his pain and anger lashed out, killing several soldiers in the process. His wife, terrified by his display of power, left him, and later gave birth to twins, Wanda and Pietro. Dying, she gave the children up for adoption.

It is rumored that Erik spent some time in prison for his crimes, but it's unknown how that was accomplished, and whether he escaped or was released.

It was only years later that Erik discovered the fate of his children, but in the interim, he'd developed a reputation as a mutant advocate - and for a time, was a close friend of Charles Xavier, also an expert on mutants. Fatherhood, however, cemented his beliefs - neither his children nor others would face the same fate as his birth family. Not if there was any way he could prevent it.


Mister Sinister - Dr. Nathaniel Essex[]

Concealed behind a multitude of epithets--the Pale Man, Nosferatu, the White Devil--Dr. Nathaniel Essex is perhaps one of the most dangerous threats to mutantkind in existence, all while purporting to be their greatest benefactor. By his own assertion a contemporary of Charles Darwin, Essex has demonstrated an obsessive interest in the study of the emerging mutant phenomenon. His name is referenced in hundreds of research notes and experimental records, from legitimate university exploration of the X-gene to the horrific quasi-science of the Right.

Despite his pervasive presence, Essex remains largely a background figure--contributing advice, consulting, but never obviously taking the lead in any particular endeavor. He has a marked preference for remaining in the periphery, manipulating others into serving his ends, and observing the progress of the species from a position of detached, scientific curiosity. This tendency to act through intermediaries, his clandestine methods, and his unnerving appearance earned Essex a telling pseudonym among his minions: Mr. Sinister.


  • Graydon Creed
  • Senator Robert Kelly
  • Trish Tilsby