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When life hands you a bad deck, you can either fold or try to bluff it out. Molly is very much the type to run with it as far as he possibly can. He has no memory of anything past a few years ago? That’s fine, he can make up anything he likes. Looks like a literal demon? So what, he can mess with people’s heads.

Molly lives in the moment. He’s not particularly concerned with his unknown past or worried about what might happen in the future. He tells stories because he feels like it and doesn’t care if anyone believes him, plays up his unusual appearance because he likes seeing what kinds of reactions he can get and is almost entirely immune to being insulted. He’s a near habitual liar, a friendly con and a cheerful irritant.

That said. He does have a very firm code he lives by, even if it’s not entirely conventional morality. Family is what you choose, you have your friends’ backs, and you don’t take from anyone who has less than you.


Blood Energy Manipulation - Molly has the ability to draw out and manipulate the potential energy of life derived from blood. This allows him to do things such as imbue objects with energy and temporarily blind enemies or even do slight psychic damage. He can also use the moment of release of that energy to focus himself and sharpen his anger. As he gets stronger, he’ll be able to harness more of that energy to affect anything, regardless of it’s physical form, and to even begin to interact with the spirit world.

The downside? He has to draw blood for it and it has to be his own. The stronger the effect he’s trying to cause, the more blood needed. And he has no self-healing abilities.

Mutant physiology - His natural form is somewhat demonic looking - purple skin, red eyes, a pair of curling horns and a tail. Mostly, he finds it amusing. He doesn’t mind the somewhat heightened ability to see in the dark though.


Juggling, fortune telling and lying. He can be quite charming when he wants to be. Mostly he’s very good at coming up with things on the fly, whether it’s stories or ‘demonic’ languages.


The upside to not remembering most of your life is that everything seems interesting. Molly has a penchant for fashion and and a fascination with turn of the century occultism, but otherwise is generally just looking for anything entertaining.


Molly’s history is a short one, as he remembers absolutely nothing about his life prior to about a year ago. He was found by a traveling circus, mute and nearly catatonic, or so he’s been told. That first bit of time is still a little fuzzy. But whatever state he was in the circus, for their own reasons, decided to take him in.

It actually turned out well for him. Surrounded by people who barely blinked at his unusual appearance and were largely just as strange, Molly learned the important lesson of who to trust (almost nobody) and who you could expect to have your back no matter what (the people you decided were yours). He grew into a somewhat offbeat sense of humor, a habit of telling stories, and a flare for excess -- when you were already pretty noticeable, might as well play into it.

He never did come up with an actual act for the circus, but he did begin to work as a barker(attention grabber), as well as a hand for behind the scenes. As long as he looked incredibly flamboyant, people tended to assume that he was wearing some sort of costume, why else would he be that obvious about it?

So it was an usual life, but it worked for him. At least until there was an incredibly unfortunate accident during one of the shows, and the entire group managed to find themselves arrested. Or ‘held for questioning’, but it amounted to the same.

Already under a fair amount of suspicion for his inability to change out of his costume, Molly ended up separated from the rest. Somehow, that ended up with him in custody of men who swore up and down they were from social services, who were going to make sure he was looked after.

Instead, he was taken to a facility where a great many unfamiliar people acted like they already knew him. They called themselves The Right, apparently, and from the sound of things, he’d already escaped from them once. Not that he could recall it. Or was particularly interested in recalling it.

Instead, he focused on getting to know the other boys in residence, and occasionally acting out if he thought he could pull attention away from them and onto himself. He might have even started working towards another escape attempt, if a rescue team hadn’t gotten there first.