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Megan is an outgoing and bubbly person. She is into girly things predominantly, but she is always up for adventure. When she sees someone in distress she will always try and cheer them up, to the extent of being a bit intrusive sometimes. She is a daydreamer who often lets herself get distracted from the serious responsibilities in Chemistry class...


Megan has the power of flight using two prominent butterfly-like wings. She produces a fine pink dust that, if inhaled, brings on strong (though pleasant) hallucinations. As for the hallucinatory powder, having been told from a younger age that it is not appropriate to play with it she doesn't have much experience producing or disseminating it properly. Butterfly wings being less precise instruments than feathered wings, Megan doesn't fly as well as some of her peers might.


Megan designs and sews most of her own clothing. Look out; you may see her on Project Runway someday.


Obviously an interest of Megan's is fashion. She absorbs all she can about it from tumblrs, IG accounts and magazines, plus makeup and hair youtube gurus and of course any fashion related television. She is a social butterfly (ha!) and is not above hours-long gossip sessions--though she instantly feels bad if things turn catty. Considering her seemingly fairytale-like and actually magical powers, she's interested in paganism and witchcraft...though she doesn't have much discipline. Call her Wiccan-lite, colored by her Celtic Welsh heritage. She doesn't have much in the way of natural grace, innate strategic thinking, a lovely voice, or quick reflexes, but she will try out anyone's hobby or project with them if invited. From video games to talent shows to bands to hiking to chess.


Abergylid is a coal mining town which has been facing increasingly grim economic challenges for decades. Megan's father, Thomas, was a miner with a drinking problem--not uncommon in their community. When Megan was 8 he died in a mineshaft collapse that devastated the town. Megan's mother, in her grief, turned to the bottle soon after the funeral. They were just getting by on her father's pension. As her mother slipped away into her addiction, Megan's grandparents rallied and raised the young girl on their own. Though the loss of her parents has been extremely difficult, Megan found a great deal of solace in the happy family home created by her grandparents. Megan had pink hair and dark black eyes from birth but it wasn't confirmed that she was a mutant until she manifested her wings and powder quite suddenly at age 12. Though it breaks her heart to leave her grandparents behind, the offer to attend a special school in America was too good to pass up. They encouraged her to go, and now that they've talked her into it she's beyond excited.