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Each of Lu's three selves has her own personality. Purple-eyed Lu is a carefree party girl who craves an adrenaline rush. Orange-eyed Lu is tender hearted and cares about people, but is also fearful of new people and experiences. Neutral Lu is the nice girl next door, with an extra dose of focus and a stubborn streak.

When combined, Lu is the most balanced, and most like Neutral - unless she finds herself feeling conflicted, in which case one or the other will dominate or she'll split into three.


Lu has the ability to split into three physically identical selves.


Neutral Lu is good at planning things, making contacts, and getting along with people. Purple Lu is athletic, has good (though not enhanced) reflexes. Orange Lu enjoys the arts and has good insight into people. All three have studied martial arts with a private instructor, who showed them how to best use their ability to split against an opponent in case it should be necessary.


Social causes, green energy solutions,business, boys, music, dancing, auto racing, baseball..interests vary depending upon who is dominant.


Lu Durgo is reasonably sure she was born in San Diego - at any rate, that's where her story began. She was left at a hospital as a newborn, and it was later confirmed that her mother was a teenager found later that same day, dead of blood loss and an (apparently intentional) drug overdose. Lu was handed over to her mother, an elderly woman who was nonetheless happy to accept the infant into her life despite the child's "mutation"- she was born with one violet eye and one that was amber, verging on orange, a mutation shared by her grandmother. Lu's early life was happy despite the difficulty her grandmother had making ends meet.

That is, until her grandmother died when she was ten. Lu was put into foster care - and wasn't adapting well to the change. Foster parents complained of mood swings, ranging from outright paranoia to bouts of reckless mania. Lu was put into counseling, then a group home, then a psychiatric hospital.

It was there, as she awaited her first consultation with a doctor named Essex, that Lu split for the first time - and realized that she had a chance to escape. As soon as the door opened to admit a nurse, she tripped the woman, tied her up, and made a run for it.

And ran straight into visiting industrial mogul RJ Brande, who'd been visiting the hospital to meet with the head of its board about an endowment. He watched in amazement as the startled Lu recombined- and decided then and there that their meeting was kizmet. A long-term believer in the idea that one should give back to the universe the same amount one received from it, RJ decided to take in the orphaned girl - and formally adopted her as soon as he could get the paperwork pushed through the appropriate government agencies.

Lu, for her part, was initially suspicious, but RJ soon won her over. Working under the (correct) assumption that Lu was a mutant, he treated each of her selves as individuals, encouraging them to pursue their own interests. Lu, in turn, developed a close relationship with her new father, and worked hard to learn everything she could about his "green" power industries. And when RJ's son Reej showed up, Lu acquired something she'd never even realized she was missing - a big brother. The three (or five) of them, made up a close if unusual family.

It was during this time, accompanying her father on a business trip, that she met Shinobi Shaw, and surprisingly (even to herself) they became friends.

It's Shinobi she'll call with her current crisis when she can't figure out how to handle it - one of her selves (orange) has been kidnapped. It's not exactly something she or her father feel comfortable calling the authorities about.