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Loki is a charismatic, smooth talking, dreamer. Also, a pompous ass. Also, a sulky princeling. Don’t try summarize his complexity. The universe is full of mystery, and beings such as himself are too magnificent to be boxed in by your social norms.

Loki isn’t sure how he managed to feel like the outcast in a family of brazen weirdos, but as strange as his life is, he's the piece that never fit. His mood and his shape change at whim, but at the core Loki is inherently true to himself. It’s not his fault most of his family, and other small minded individuals, don’t understand his nature.


Reality Warping & Psionic Manipulation - extends to Shapeshifting, Flight, Illusion Casting, Astral Projection, Hypnotic Suggestion, and low-level telepathy/empathy


What can’t Loki do? No, honestly, he’s the prince of a small kingdom. He’s been in the spotlight since he was a toddler. He’s had the finest tutors, and he’s refined numerous talents. His lesser talents? Really, what’s the point of contact sports? Or wrestling. Who thought wrestling was a good idea? Whoever that guy was, he would have thought better of it if his sparring partner turned into a giant snake.


Giant nerd, loves the internet, reading, and watching movies. Probably should feel weird about reading regency romances and high fantasy, but it’s like other people’s adapted nonfiction. He loves stories where the hero gets utterly decimated, or where the smart chick/guy ends up with the broody dark wizard/curmudgeon. Beauty and the Beast is his favorite Disney movie. Sleeping Beauty would have been better if Maleficent won.


Asgard is a small Nordic country with a waning constitutional monarchy. In recent decades they increased their tourism industry, causing a major boom in the economy. The heart of Asgard is a shining city that’s practically a 24/7 Rennefaire. Resorts throughout the kingdom cater to skiing, hunting, camping, and theme parks. Depending on the storyteller, Odin and his six children are either named after old gods, or rumored to be descendants of myth. National holidays often involve traditional garb and public spectacle.

There’s a large age gap between Thor and Loki and the oldest of Odin’s brood. Loki was very close to his brother when they were younger, even if their interests rarely aligned. They tousled often, but Loki thought it would be him and his brother against the world. That was until Thor became popular, very handsome, and a complete dick. Suddenly it was Loki vs. the World.

One friend of note in Loki’s lifetime was Percival De Rolo, another noble often found hidden in libraries. Percy won Loki’s heart the day he helped pull off an epic prank. During a winter retreat, they procured and stashed snakes in Thor’s bed. Who knows what romance might have blossomed? Unfortunately, Loki was sent home when the snakes were discovered. The first boy Loki ever kissed died shortly thereafter from a mysterious illness that killed most of his family.

Sometimes Loki’s life is extremely hard. Being a prince isn’t all glamour. How do you know if anyone truly loves you, or it’s the frenzy of the crowd? Other nobility either respects the power of Asgard, or thinks they’re a complete joke. Not that anyone would ever say that to Thor’s face. On top of that, recently Loki started to have all these feelings. And not his own feelings! He picks up hints here and there. This may have caused Loki to lash out with sarcastic, spiteful comments, but he never meant for anyone to act on the harmful things he suggested. Between recent mindfucking, and the day he turned into a flying goat and kicked Thor in the ribs, Odin and Frigga caught on to the fact that there was something going on with their youngest son. This led to explaining to Loki that he wasn’t entirely like his siblings. He appeared to be a mutant. Oh, also, he was adopted.

After processing, Loki decided to embrace change. He found a nice public venue, flew to the top of a building in his full festival regalia, and announced his mutant status to the world. Loki voiced heartbreak and disgust over recent events. Clearly we’re all one world, one people, united by our hearts and strength. So, if any other blokes in capes or hate groups wanted to threaten mankind, and yes mankind includes mutants, know that the younger generation will be here longer than you. Stop wrecking our world with hate. #LokiofAsgard

Maybe fucking with the world and horrifying his parents is the reaction to recent revelations, but maybe he genuinely cares. Who’s to say?

Game Introduction: Loki's public announcement will occur on the Winter Solstice (Dec 21, 2017). At his father's behest, Loki will be spending at least a year with his head down learning how to control his powers. He'll arrive at mutant school on January 2, 2018.