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On first glance, Lance seems like every other dude-bro thug who thinks that life is just about knocking over liquor stores and spray painting town hall. He worked hard to cultivate that image, so he's not about to let it slip too much now.

The thing is, underneath the image is another guy entirely, and only a few people ever really get to see that he's vulnerable. Which is to say, he cares. He cares about people, about his new 'family', and about the guy he's found himself falling for the past couple of years. So while he can still radiate dude-bro with the best of them, it's painfully evident that Lance can also be a brooding, pouting romantic at heart.

More than that, he cares about mutants, and about what the Brotherhood is all about, and really puts his heart into trying to make the world a better place for the kids out there who can't stand up for themselves. He cares about protecting every member of the Brotherhood, from manipulation or betrayal or bullying, and he cares about making goddamned sure that no one can ever hurt them again.

He may not be the tactical genius Scott Summers is, but they are oddly more similar at their core than either of them would like to admit, and while Lance has screwed up (and will screw up again), he the charisma and leadership skills to keep a group as unruly as the Brotherhood on task in the field. More than that, he has the self-control to keep people from realizing just how powerful he really is.


Seismokinesis - Lance can generate powerful waves of vibrations from his hands, creating highly destructive effects through the air, water, and ground. When used upon the earth itself or against large inorganic objects such as buildings these generated vibrations can cause disastrous earthquake-like effects. His greatest effects are found when he used his powers on earth matter. When directing his powers at the ground he could cause ground tremors, forming waves of debris, open fissures in the earth, cause chunks of pavement or earth to blast up into the air and then fall in simulated landslides or avalanches. It's also possible that he could use his power to create tsunamis, or even affect the earth's tectonic plates.

Geokinesis - Lance's ability to generate seismic waves also gives him a limited degree of geokinesis. He can use these seismic waves to create thrusting pillars of rock for ranged attacks, create trenches, and even redirect earth-based substances to an extent.

Generally, Lance has very good control over his powers, but when he loses his temper, all bets are off. Fortunately, joining Magneto was good for Lance all around. He's learned both how to control his moods (as best as he is capable) and he's been given a cause on which to focus his energy. This means that he doesn't use his powers when he doesn't need to - which also means that he is vastly underestimated when it comes to what he could really do if he put his mind to it...and Magneto knows it.


Breaking and entering, rudimentary hacking skills (nothing like what Tessa or the Xavier's kids do, tactical leadership, pissing people off, somehow keeping Pietro on a leash.


Baseball, hockey, music, video games, mutant rights, cooking breakfast (tell anyone and he will kill you), beer, weed, and... gardening. No seriously, he loves it. But no one will ever find out.


Lance was born to a single mom on the outskirts of Chicago. He was loved, and though life wasn't all roses, together they made it work. That is until Lance turned five and his mother was hit by a drunk driver while crossing the street. It was a hit and run, and though she lived, the pain she dealt with caused her to become addicted to oxycontin. Over the next couple of years, she lost her job, and eventually, Lance was put into foster care. She turned to prostitution shortly after, and has been in and out of prison ever since on a string of petty charges.

Lance, meanwhile, found himself growing up in the system. Growing up in foster care is enough to give anyone a bad attitude, not to mention something of a temper. For most of his young life, he was bullied, or beaten or both.

Fortunately, the manifestation of his power gave him the upper hand once he got older and hit a growth spurt. Half the time, when he sent people tumbling into the dirt, they didn't even realize it was because he could literally pull the earth from beneath their feet. With this power, and the height and strength to back it up, Lance became more confident, both in his abilities and his rough and tumble charm. He came to see the power he'd been given as a gift; a way out of the gutter.

For a time, he was something of a thug, top of the pack, pulling petty B&E jobs and robbing liquor stores. But then Magneto found him, and Lance knew that he'd found his purpose - not to mention a new family with the Brotherhood. Maybe it was just Pietro and Wanda at first, but now they seem to grow with new members every day, and somehow he's found himself acting as one of the lieutenants, planning for the day when mutants rule the world.