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Kitty is independent, opinionated, and endlessly resourceful. She has a big heart and a logical mind, and she has an energy about her that goes into almost everything she does. From tinkering with a project to losing herself in dance, she throws her heart and soul into it.  

For most of her life, she’s been something of an outcast, her intellect keeping her ahead of kids her age in school - the only time she was able to interact with people like her being in her dance classes. Even then, she never quite connected with the other girls. She always wanted to be like the other girls when she was younger; to be interested in fashion and boys and the hottest movie stars, but her ideas of what was ‘cool’ were never like everyone else’s. She liked ninjas and spaceships and pirates, and they liked talking cats and American Girl dolls and playing house.  

Eventually, she embraced the fact that she was different, and learned to love her own style and her own pursuits. Because of this experience, Kitty feels like she’s a little more prepared for being different - for being a mutant, than maybe some of the other kids at the school. In fact, she might just be one of the most well-adjusted kids there, especially since she had no traumatic trigger to her mutation.   


Kitty has a phasing ability that allows her to shift her atoms around the atoms of the object she is phasing through, thereby temporarily merging with whatever object – be it doors or walls or other people. It seems that by doing this, she can also phase other people or objects (such as her clothes) with her if she chooses. She can even choose which parts of her body to phase.   

Unfortunately, Kitty is unable to breathe while phasing through objects, so must hold her breath when she does. She has to continuously phase out to the other side of something solid in order to breathe. Solidifying inside an object could kill her. Also, phasing can be painful, especially the more dense the material is. Her phasing also tends to disrupt most electrical systems, too, making it very difficult to carry phones and laptops around with her while phasing. She's destroyed quite a few Phones that way.


  • She has a genius-level intellect, and has started taking a few college courses alongside her high school courses already. 
  • Kitty has been studying dance since she was eight. She's also talented at ice-skating and softball. 
  • She loves computer programming, and has been fooling around with programming her own games and mobile apps since she was ten. She’s fluent in a dozen different programming languages. 
  • She's something of a genius with mechanical engineering and has already patented her own solar-powered mini-generator that charges her computer, phone, and workstation. 
  • One of her favorite pastimes is playing the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, where she has a smuggler character named Shadow Kitty. 


Tinkering, programming, building things and taking them apart, gaming, dancing, coffee, ice cream, science fiction (Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who), Teen Wolf, Riverdale, geek chic fashion and intellectual pursuits (Scientific American, NPR). 


Born to Carmen and Theresa (Terri) Pryde, Kitty lived in Deerfield, Illinois her entire life growing up. Her father is the president of a relatively small bank in the Greater Chicago area, a bank that has been in her family since it was founded by her great-grandfather. It’s not a hugely successful business - in fact, her father is hanging onto it by a thread, but so far, he’s managed to keep the local community hanging on through the recession and things might be looking up. At least, he likes to think so.  

From the time that Kitty was just a young child, it was apparent that she was something special. She learned quickly and was sometimes just a little too curious. She had already taken apart the family toaster and put it back together again by the time she was four. She excelled when she finally entered school, leaping grades throughout her young life. By the time she was thirteen, she was a sophomore in high school, and she’d begun taking a few college classes to enrich her experience and keep her young brain occupied.  

When she wasn’t studying, however, Kitty loved to dance, studying at a local studio. It started out as a way to let her interact with other young kids her own age, but in the end, it was something Kitty loved almost more than her tinkering. Almost.  

For most of Kitty’s life, that was all she knew…until one day, when the headaches started. It was only a little to start, time to time – small enough that a little aspirin vanquished them immediately. Over the following months, however, they began to grow in strength and frequency. Then, one day, as she arrived home from dance class, the migraine was tremendous. She went straight to her room as her mother promised to brew some tea, but as Kitty lie on the bed, writhing in pain, something strange happened.  

She fell.  

Straight through the mattress, the bed, the floor, and down to the floor below. Her mother saw the whole thing, and simply watched in astonishment, as her daughter seemed to fall like a ghost through the ceiling to land at her feet. It was quite a thing to see, of course, but the Prydes took the development in stride. As soon as they’d ascertained that Kitty was not, in fact, a ghost, they realized that they had something quite extraordinary on their hands. Extraordinary, and a little scary, considering the reaction mutants were getting in the national news.  

They were still trying to decide exactly what to do about the situation a few days later when Charles Xavier arrived, with both comfort, and an offer to her parents. Of course, the family jumped at the idea of Kitty going to Xavier’s school. It would be a place where Kitty could both learn about her power, and where she could continue her studies in a quiet and peaceful environment. Kitty, of course, just wanted to meet more kids like her. It was a little hard, leaving the neighborhood she’d always known and loved to move halfway across the country, but like always, Kitty faced it head on with a smile.