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Ray of sunshine (literally and figuratively). She is very compassionate and has a strong moral compass.


Solar Energy Manipulation, Flight

Karolina is Majesdanian, and as such has their ability to absorb solar energy and use it in various ways. In her natural (ie not suppressed by her bracelet) way, Karolina shines with rainbow colors. She can also use light energy as blasters and is heat resistant. She is also able to fly.

However, her powers depend on solar energy, so she is dependent on the sun. If she uses up her stored solar energy at night, she is weakened until she can get back in the sun. Further, right now she cannot control her powers without her bracelet on. She’s hoping she can work on that.


Karolina loves to bake. She’s also pretty smart.


Karolina is vegan and is very interested in doing things for the Right Reason. She’s also very interested in beautiful girls.


Karolina’s parents are Frank and Leslie Dean, of General Hospital fame. She was always shielded from the limelight as a child, and her parents’ rules growing up were pretty simple: 1) Never take off her medical alert bracelet. 2) Don’t embarrass them to the press. Easy enough to follow right?


See, Karolina was kind of sick of playing by her parents’ rules. Her mom was growing more and more distant, and spending more and more time with PRIDE. She felt alienated by her peers—for going to an LA private school with other actors’ kids, she was somehow the odd one out. Add to that she was pretty sure she was gay, and she was one step away from being a tabloid writer’s dream. She took her bracelet off one night when she decided she was going to sneak out and suddenly lit up like a freaking rainbow.

Freaking out, she tried everything to get the lights to go away. Eventually, her dad heard her and when he entered her room, he frowned and put her bracelet back on her. Poof, lights gone.

That’s when her parents told her everything. (Well, maybe not everything…) That they had been exiled from their home planet, Majesdania, and had come to Earth for a reprieve. That they had powers. That her med alert bracelet did not actually mean she was allergic to peanuts, but that it suppressed her powers.

Deciding it would be better for her to learn her powers away from the prying eyes of the Hollywood scene, and quite frankly ready to not have their daughter for a little while, her parents contacted Xavier’s school.