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If you took a look in the dictionary under the entry for ‘insolent’, you’d probably find Julian Keller’s name. He’s a rich, white, self-important, and self-righteous upstart. He’s a braggart and a jerk, and he fell for Magneto’s line about mutants being the superior race hook, line, and sinker.

He’s also a ridiculous flirt, breathtakingly powerful, a brilliant leader, and values loyalty from his friends more than anything else in his life. He’s the black sheep of his family, and a minor celebrity (though it’s more like notorious miscreant if you ask most people) and the only reason he even agreed to go to Xavier’s school was because he had nowhere else to go. He’s completely run out of options, and is, yes, a little desperate, not to mention battling depression and anger issues after the fallout from a car bombing.


In terms of potential, Julian would be considered one of the most powerful telekinetics in the world, first-class level. Even with mental blocks in place to keep his power to manageable levels, he’s extraordinarily powerful and versatile in the use of that power.

Among other things, Julian can use telekinesis to fly, create shields and barriers, create discs of force to carry people through the air, and create powerful force blasts. He can also, of course, manipulate objects (and people) weighing up to several tons. At times, he’s also been known to use his telekinesis to give his punches an extra kick.

Unfortunately, he’s not at his best at the moment, due to his recovery. He’s learning to use his power almost constantly to aid him in everyday tasks, which means developing the ability to control how far he pushes himself. It also means learning how to focus both on his telekinesis and other concentration-intense activities at the same time, which hasn’t always been his strong suit.


Basketball, soccer, tactics/war video games, mutant rights protesting, YouTube videos.


Using his freaking arms. Mutants, mutant powers, competition, flirting, fame and glory.


Julian was born in Los Angeles, California to William and Elizabeth Keller. His father and mother founded Keller Investments, a financial firm that struggled for many years as Julian and his older brother James were growing up.

However, when Julian was eleven, the firm suddenly went from being barely afloat to being an international company worth billions. The family quickly moved into a sprawling multi-million dollar estate in Beverly Hills, and their net worth has only increased since. In fact, they now have offices in New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo, and James was recently put in charge of their offices in New York.

Julian, on the other hand, has failed to wow his parents in every way possible, starting last year, when he first manifested as a mutant. At first, they thought things might be okay. Julian’s telekinesis, while startling, could be hidden if he didn’t use it in public. He looked just like every other boy his age, and since they’d all just witnessed Magneto’s statement to the world, keeping him and his powers on the down-low seemed like the best idea for everyone involved.

In fact, when a rather buxom woman arrived to talk to the family about enrolling Julian in a school for mutants back east, the Kellers gave Emma Frost a resounding no. They were quite confident that keeping Julian away from all things mutant was the best course of action, both for their family, and their business.

However, Emma knew, as did Charles Xavier, that Julian was too powerful to be left to his own devices. Given half a chance, he could cause serious destruction, possibly costing people their lives. In the end, she suggested to the Kellers that she put a telepathic block in place to prevent Julian’s power from growing too quickly or getting out of hand. They agreed, fearful of any lawsuits that might come from such a destructive act.

At first, Julian didn’t really understand the ramifications. His power still worked as it had since it had manifested, and as the months went by, he grew even more powerful. On the other hand, he started to wonder just how powerful he could have become without his parents’ intervention. The thought soured in his mind, chafing more with every day that his parents continued to remind him not to show what he could do to the rest of the world, until finally, he decided to take fate into his own hands.

He began attending pro-mutant protest rallies and showing off his powers in public. In fact, he began using his telekinesis in increasingly showy ways. But more than that, he began skipping school and having parties at his house, embracing the role of the family’s black sheep and refusing to give in to his parents’ anger and embarrassment. They always cleaned up after him, anyway, with their lawyers, and their connections with the LAPD.

By the time summer rolled around, he was somewhat notorious in the community, both as a mutant and a troublemaker, and was known to speak loudly about his belief that mutants were the next step in evolution. That’s why it didn’t surprise many, even his parents, when the week before school started up again, his car was rigged with explosives.

He only survived by the grace of his telekinetic shields, but his arms were mangled, and had to be amputated. The media descended on the hospital, and in the end, Julian was hidden away at a private hospital to rehabilitate while his parents attempted to do damage control on their financial empire.

It was a difficult adjustment for Julian, however, who swung between depression and fits of manic rage, and the hospital couldn’t handle a mutant with his abilities. In the end, the Kellers called Xavier, then quietly flew Julian across the country to be cared for in the mutant school’s medical suite.