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Only call this kid by his flatscan name if you want to piss him right off. Pyro has drunk Magneto's Kool-Aid without leaving a drop, and he's left his human name behind. It's a symbol of how shitty his life was before, with flatscans. Now he's a mutant and he's proud of it, and he'll roast any hater who gives him even half a reason. He's attached to Magneto as the father figure whose approval he had always dreamed of, and good luck making him renounce him.

Pyro's entire personality has been crafted by his life. He doesn't expect much of anyone to love him, but craves affection all the same. He doesn't much trust adults. (Apart from Magneto.) He's touch-starved. He doesn't believe he's worth much, so he'll easy take a bullet for someone he likes. He has more feelings than he knows how to handle, and he's shit at words when they matter.

He's also a smug brat who loves fire and thinks it's the only thing he can truly count on. He's a great follower, and not at all a leader.


Pyro cannot create fire, but he can do pretty much whatever he wants with it. Sculpt it, expand it, kill it, shape it, throw it, and make sure it doesn't burn shit he doesn't want it to burn.


Picking pockets, stealing shit from stores, general street smarts, BURNING SHIT UP.


FIRE. FIRE FOREVER. He likes stupid chick flicks but probably wouldn't admit it to much of anyone. Getting into trouble. Making flatscans wish they had never hated on a mutant. Watching flatscans choke on their own intestines, or whatever it is Eileen does to them. More generally, watching mutants be awesome and terrifying. Especially female mutants.


Pyro, born John Allerdyce, is a typical street kid. He got banged around by his father, his mother said nothing, repeatedly chose her husband over him, and occasionally hit him as well. At first it was just alcohol and cigarettes, eventually it became drugs. One day, when he was nine, he came back from school and they had left. No word, nothing, they were just gone with their things. He managed to live on his own in the apartment for a few weeks before the landlord came and demanded his rent, and he got forked over to social services. He was too old and too much of a brat for any family who truly wanted a child to pick him up, and he went from foster home to foster care facility, never feeling any love and pretty much always having to fight for his right to breathe. He regularly ran away, regularly was caught and thrown back into the system, when he didn't go back willingly because it was too cold out there. His powers manifested when he was 12, and he was in a foster home with a good six other kids. Whenever they misbehaved, the foster parents locked them up in a tiny cupboard in the kitchen. They were trying to get him into it while something was cooking on the stove; the fire spread from the kitchen and engulfed the whole house in a matter of minutes.

Pyro ran again, and this time, he managed to escape being caught again. He'd grown smarter - street smarts only - as he grew older, and being able to fuck with cops using fire helped him out a few times. He always had a few bic lighters in his pockets, so even if one ran out of gas, another one would work. He lived on the streets for three years before Magneto found him, told him he was a god among insects, and asked him what his real name was.

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