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Jimmy is a bright kid. He's got a good nature; he believes in the good of people, but also in the ability for good to conquer evil. This leads to an indomitable nature and a determination that doesn't falter in the face of adversity. Jimmy isn't one to give up, and he relies on his hard head and his gut instincts more than anything else.

Jimmy likes to relax, though. He works hard and he plays hard, too. He enjoys sports (especially basketball, ice and field hockey), and he likes TV and some video games.

That being said, Jimmy's got a temper, and he knows it. He tries to direct it to things that are productive, but he can't always keep himself from snapping at someone.


Jimmy has an incredible healing factor; he can sustain an extraordinary amount of damage and heal from it within seconds to minutes, depending on the extent. He can also fight off just about any disease, though he doesn't have experiences with anything particularly virulent, and he isn't one to try. Jimmy's never had a case of the sniffles in his life.

Additionally, his senses and reflexes are heightened to an extreme degree. While he can't dodge bullets, he's great in a scrap because of it. He can see almost perfectly in darkness (though not total darkness) and he can hear well outside of the range of normal human hearing. His sense of smell allows him to track better than any dog.

The most notable physical feature of his mutation is the claws housed in his forearms which he can extend (independently of each other if he desires), coming from between the knuckles on his fists. These claws are slightly shorter than the length of his forearms, and the muscles that extend them won't engage unless his fist is aligned properly to have the claws come from the proper place.

And perhaps the strangest part of his mutation is that he can coat his bones (including the claws) in a metallic substance usually stored as a liquid, mixed with his bone marrow. This material is currently unidentified, due to its inability to be removed by conventional means from the bones. His nervous system can react fast enough to coat any bones in an impact zone on his body by reflex, dampening most physical injuries. While not as strong as adamantium, and not as sharp, this organic metal is strong enough to withstand incredible amounts of force, and can just through most materials.


Jimmy's good at most physical activities, which isn't surprising given his mutation. He really loves and is good at most sports. He's also a good tracker (again, thanks to his mutation) and he's a decent fighter, considering that he was something of a bully-breaker in school.


Sports, mutant rights, camping, hiking, nature trails, national parks, cars.


Jimmy is relatively certain that James MacDonald Hudson isn't his biological father, but he's never been told for certain that's the case. And James was at least nice enough to raise him like he was his own, if he ever knew Jimmy wasn't his.

Raised in Montreal, Jimmy was a happy kid who was a determined hardhead. While he wasn't the brightest in his classes, Jimmy watched out for everyone. Any bully in his school ran afoul of Jimmy's temper, and while nothing ever escalated to the point of expulsion or even suspension, Jimmy found himself in occasional detentions because of his actions, though he never regretted standing up for others.

Maybe it was because of his parents that he was like that, but he wanted to enlist when he was older, too. He liked enjoying the great outdoors in his youth, as well.

His freshman year of high school, Jimmy and his friends were out on ATVs when his tumbled off of a rocky hill when he tried to ascend it. It flipped end over end, and Jimmy was dashed repeatedly against the rocks after being flung from his ride. His helmet broke off of him halfway down, and most of his protective pads were torn off by the time he came to a stop.

He remembers the beginning and the end of the fall most clearly, but by the time his friends got to him, Jimmy's injuries were closing quickly, an exposed portion of his skull obviously coated in some sort of metal. Similarly, metal coated claws were coming from between his knuckles, and had bitten deep into the hillside where he'd tried to grab hold. While most of his friends thought it was amazing, one or two thought he was a freak. Plain and simple, Jimmy just wasn't friends with them anymore.

Still, his parents didn't really find out until a few weeks later when he was found trying to fix up the ATV he'd wrecked. Fortunately for him, they only grounded him for hiding what happened, and he'd worked with his dad to fix the busted-up ATV during that time, so it was hardly like being grounded at all.

However, rumors and word spread, and Jimmy's friends couldn't keep the secret that he was a mutant. As word got around, the Hudsons were forced to make a tough choice. They moved Jimmy to America at the behest of Xavier, who had gotten into contact with them shortly after the incident of his mutation surfacing.