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As with many tieflings, Jester chose her own name.Her seclusion early in life makes her very eager for friendship, and she is an incredibly enthusiastic and curious soul. She wants to know everything, to discover everything, about people and culture and the world, and she lacks the social graces to know better than to ask certain questions.

Her imaginary friend the Traveler is like a god figure to her, and she thinks of herself as his follower. Her playful nature lends itself well to his worship, as every trick she plays on people is part of her devotion to him. She will try to convert people to him, but barring that, she'll probably just leave sketches of dicks in their books, or pamphlets about the Traveler.

Jester is a great artist, when she takes the time necessary to do more than a rudimentary dick drawing. She does not write in her journal, but draws, instead, drawing about the people she sees or meets and what happens around her. She is also very creative and imaginative, and lets her mind take her places few people would tread.

Living in a brothel her entire life has left her completely shameless when it comes to sex and people's anatomies (much as she has never so much as kissed anyone). Jester is however very immature in a lot of ways, due to her seclusion.

She has no idea about the actual value of money and derives most of her knowledge about people and the world from what she spied on in the Lavish Château, and what she saw on telly.

Even when she is sad, Jester will pretend to be happy, whimsical, and mischievous. This is her real personality, but it is also a mask she can use in darker times. She wants to be happy and make others happy! And sometimes that means lying. Good thing she is a very good liar.


Her power lies in reality-bending, but it manifests in a single way: she can draw or paint things into reality, when she focuses. It takes a lot out of her, although this will become easier as time goes by. Overuse of her power comes fairly quickly for now, and will leave her with a nosebleed, feeling exhausted, and with a migraine if she has really pushed herself.

Moreover, she has to pay attention to details if she wants something to actually manifest properly. Drawing a door into being (a feat that would wipe her out for now, if the door is regular-sized) would be well and good, but unless she remembers to draw its hinges, it won't be able to open. In the same sense, if she doesn't give the proper texture to something, it will simply manifest in the material she was drawing it on.

Her looks, while part of her mutation, don't really qualify as a power. Jester is blue-skinned, with purple eyes, dark blue hair, and has a tail and two curved horns.


Drawing, painting, playing tricks on people (sleight of hand, stealth, picking pockets), deception and persuasion, getting along with animals, forgery, French, a little Serbian.


Drawing, tattoos, the Traveler, mischief, pranks, making friends, kissing a boy (maybe, some day, if he is really really nice). The colour pink. Pastries (cinnamon is THE BEST).


Marion Lavorre fell in love, once. She never talks about him very much, but the thought of him still makes her melancholy. Fortunately, she has a constant reminder of that love in the apple of her eyes, her wonderful Little Sapphire, Jester.

When she gave birth to a blue-skinned baby with a tiny tail, who eventually grew horns, Marion was surprised, to say the least. As a renowned escort in the city of Auckland, the "Ruby of the Sea" people from all over the world came to see, a child would have been bad publicity, but much worse than that, such an obvious mutation might have led to trouble for her wonderful daughter, and that she could not have.

So Jester was kept hidden and raised in secret, homeschooled at the Lavish Château, the high-end brothel where her mother lives and works. Most of the time, she saw no one but Marion and her Serbian bodyguard, Ivan Blude, along with a few other escorts. While Marion's French accent was a hit with clients, Jester's accent more closely resembles that of Blude, and of her mother's Eastern European colleagues.

Devoid of friends as she was, the little "Esther" took the concept of imaginary friends one step further and started receiving visits from a man in a green cloak obscuring his features, The Traveler. The Traveler, according to Jester, is a god. He is the one who taught her to steal and play tricks on people, but he also taught her to give something back, always. He has talked to her about balance a lot. Esther became Jester, wholly devoted to mischief and pranks, and the nickname worked so well that even her mother started calling her that.

Jester's actual mutation only manifested recently, as a dick she was drawing in a notebook belonging to one of her mother's clients (while they were otherwise occupied) suddenly gained three dimensions. She abandoned the notebook and took the three-d paper dick back to her room, giggling and marveling at it, and gave it a few more tries, producing better versions of those dicks as she went. Of course, it wasn't long before she had wiped herself out, and Marion later found her passed out, blood trickling out of her nose, surrounded by a handful of three-dimensional paper dicks.

So when Marion received the visit of an old man in a wheelchair, she reluctantly agreed to send Jester to his school for mutants. It would be for the best, although Marion would miss her immensely. There, Jester could flourish, learn how to handle her power, and finally make friends.