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Jeanne is stoic, and it's been described as 'unnerving.' Frigid isn't quite the right term; she simply has difficulty socializing. Part of it is because she's constantly absorbing information and processing it, but she can't help but think of people as datapoints, due in part to her mutation. That isn't to say that Jeanne doesn't have any sense of morality or ethics, though the codes she possesses are sometimes called 'questionable.'

While she does find tasks more engaging and easier to manage than people, Jeanne does try her best to reach out and interact with other people her age; especially since she often hasn't had the chance to do so. She doesn't understand a lot of social cues and interactions, though, so she has a rough time of it.


Jeanne has photographic reflexes, coupled with a photographic memory. She can learn how to perform a task or action simply by watching someone do it just once, and if it's within the bounds of human action, she can do it without practice (providing she's physically capable of it). This is not limited to strictly physical activities; hearing a language in use can provide her with the appropriate enunciation and vocal patterns of a language, for example, provided that she can see the person's mouth working. She can also reverse-engineer actions seamlessly in her mind; this means that if someone is speaking a language that she knows, but she can only see their lips move, she can approximate what they were saying with near-perfect accuracy.

Her photographic sight also allows her to pick up on facial cues and twitches that are near-microscopic and purely subconscious; with minimal training, she could become a human lie detector with near-perfect accuracy, as well.

However perfect her memory and her recall, Jeanne still needs to maintain physical fitness in order to perform the feats she witnesses, and she isn't capable of reproducing anything that's related to someone's powers (she can't mimic powers, only actions). For example, she couldn't dodge or run as fast as a speedster, but she could mimic the running form of an Olympic runner to optimize her own running.

Worse yet, Jeanne's mind is constantly absorbing data from all sources. She can mimic perfectly the walking pattern of every person she has ever met, as well as vocal mannerisms (though not their voices). All that data takes room, and it's likely that by the time she's 30 or so, her brain will start to 'fill up.' Her brain will start 'dumping' what it considers frivolous or non-essential data, and this will severely harm her episodic memory. She'll be able to remember fairly well, still, at first, but by the time she's 40 she'll likely not remember people unless she sees them on a weekly basis or more often than that. By the time she's older, it may be down to 24 hours that her episodic memory lasts. She's theorized that this may happen, and her reaction so far is that she's made her peace with it. It isn't like she's had terribly many fulfilling interpersonal relationships thus far anyway, and she feels that's unlikely to change.


Jeanne is practically talented at everything she puts her mind to. She's gifted in languages and mathematics as well as applied sciences like engineering and computers. She's also an accomplished dancer and gymnast (she holds several prestigious awards for each). Jeanne is also an accomplished martial artist in several forms, including Brazilian Jiu Jutsu, Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun, and Krav Maga. It's actually shorter to list her shortcomings: Jeanne lacks in creativity, and sees relatively little value in art.


Continuing to learn everything she possibly can, furthering the cause of mutant rights. Learning how to interact with people her age.


Jeanne's manifestation was quiet and gradual; but it was evident by the time she was five years old and learning to speak Spanish and German simultaneously and with incredible speed. She'd learned to walk early, and it was a combination of things that led her to being branded as a virtuoso. Her parents, otherwise not particularly well off and struggling to make ends meet, immediately began exploiting her talents.

It started as YouTube videos, and then she began to perform in exhibitions, competitions. She started earning scholarships, awards, and even went so far as to compete in some Junior Olympics competitions. This led to her getting endorsements here and there, which her parents, since she was a minor, were in control of. Her parents held fundraisers to 'build her college fund' even though she was excelling so quickly through high school content by the time she was twelve, studying at a senior level through independent studying and home schooling verified by various school boards.

All of this is about to come to ruin, however. Jeanne is well aware of her parents abuses, and has suspected, with this recent news of mutants coming out, that she is one herself. She is heading to Xavier's to get tested, and if she is, she plans on enrolling in the school to study more about mutants and to continue her college education. Once/if she is confirmed to be a mutant, she plans on informing her sponsors and various organizations immediately. She expects it will spell a certain amount of ruin for her parents' financial situation. She feels, however, that such an outcome is appropriate.