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Jay is congenial but reserved. His southern upbringing made him both charming and polite. He takes a dim view of violence of any type and is outspoken about it. He stands up to bullies when he sees them. At heart, he is a true romantic.


Jay flies using wings which sprouted during his mutant transformation. Additionally, he has exceptional accelerated healing, able to heal from a great deal of harm with no lasting effects. His greatest weakness is that if his wings were to be removed he would also lose his healing powers.

His oddest power is his ability to vocalize in harmony with himself, as if he were a one man choir. His vocal range is also incredible, making him a fantastic singer.


Guitar. Jay has always been inclined toward music, partially because of his latent mutant singing ability. He is a singer/songwriter and hopes to make it big someday.


Guitar. Music, particularly indie folk, or where indie meets bluegrass. But he finds something to appreciate in every genre.. Mutant rights. Boys and girls. He feels like he's still finding himself after the loss of Julia.


He grew up with many siblings on a farm in Kentucky. His older brother and sister both manifested mutant powers. Jay got shit for it in school, but Julia Cabot always understood him. One day during a musical performance at his school, the newly transformed Jay decided to show his wings, proud of being a mutant. Later that week, a gang of teenagers cornered Jay and Julia. They beat Jay until he passed out, and threw him and Julia into the water. At the moment he would have died, Jay's regeneration powers kicked in and saved him. Julia, however, could not be saved. After the incident, Jay spent some time in a mental hospital learning to live with the grief and guilt. He is coming to the Academy directly from the hospital (with a stopover to his family farm on the way).