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Jamie is quick with a smile and a wisecrack, both as general demeanor and as a way to cope with dire situations. He is strongly of the belief that he can get through just about any situation as long as he can keep his sense of humor. Often immature and an incurable prankster, he’s often behind whatever new mischief is going on wherever he happens to be.

Jamie’s eagerness to experience life in the modern world is almost charming. There’s so much he’s only seen on television and heard about from the internet, and he worries that he might come across as a bit of a hick, but he doesn’t let that stop him.

Dig deep enough below that cheerful exterior, however, and Jamie is capable of being both introspective and insightful. What he hates most, however, is being alone. He often creates duplicates just so he has someone to talk to. His friends are deeply important to him and he would do just about anything for them.


Whenever Jamie is struck by a significant enough impact, a duplicate appears next to him. This duplicate thinks and acts independently of Jamie and is able to produce its own duplicates. This duplication extends to whatever clothing Jamie or the dupe is wearing at the time, but nothing beyond that. He can reabsorb any and all duplicates at will, and gains whatever knowledge and experiences they had.

Though his duplicates tend to follow his instructions, the longer he remains separated from one by any great distance, the more it develops its own identity and the greater chance it has of following its own desires if it conflicts with Jamie’s. If he absorbs an injured duplicate, he will also absorb a portion of the same damage. This includes disease and poison.

This cloning ability is involuntary. Jamie cannot prevent it from happening and wears a special suit designed to absorb the shocks his body experiences in order to minimize accidents.


Jamie’s lifetime on the family farm has given him a practical familiarity with agriculture, farm equipment and animal husbandry. He can maintain and repair simple machines and perform basic mechanical operations.


Film Noir, puzzles, video games, practical jokes, social media.


Jamie was literally born with his powers. The moment the doctor spanked him after delivery, his first duplicate sprang to life in the man’s arms. His parents were shocked to learn that their son was a mutant, but by no means did they reject him for it. Quite the opposite, really. They accepted him with both love and pride. They were committed to giving him the best life possible, and reached out to Charles Xavier, a friend of Daniel’s, for advice on how to protect their son in a world fraught with danger to all mutants.

At Xavier’s recommendation, and with a bit of financial aid to help them along, the Madrox family purchased a small farm in Kansas, as far away from civilization as they could get. Xavier also designed a special shock-resistant suit for Jamie to prevent him from spawning duplicates at even the lightest contact.

They lived a modest and frugal life, carefully keeping Jamie at a distance from anyone who might learn Jamie’s secret. Apart from that, his parents did everything they could to make Jamie happy, and as his only companions he was deeply attached to both of them.

Sadly, it was not to last. Shortly after turning 15, a tornado ripped through the farm. Jamie only survived thanks to his suit, but when it was over he found both his parents dead in the wreckage. The loss devastated Jamie, but he knew he couldn’t afford to wallow in his grief. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do now that they were gone, but he tried to at least give them a decent burial, even if it would be a service of one.

To his surprise, however, someone else arrived for the funeral. For the first time in his life, Jamie found himself face to face with Charles Xavier, who offered to provide him a new home at his school. Between that and a life of isolation on the farm, the choice was easy.