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Cute, but tough are the best words to describe Hana. She loves bunnies, her favorite color is pink, and she’ll wipe the floor with someone if she has to. She has a competitive streak miles wide and always has, but the years of professional gaming have fine tuned it. In short, Hana plays to win. And she’s not afraid to talk smack. She’s never a sore loser, though, even though she hates to lose, and she loves a good challenge. She’s a great team player too.

As intimidating as this all might be, overall, Hana is friendly and personable. She’s always up for making new friends, though she can be slow to forgive and forget when someone does something she thinks is wrong. She loves her fanbase and interacts with them often, calling them her ‘fam’. She is very supportive of her friends and their accomplishments and is the first in line to be their cheerleader.


Telekinetic Mech: At will, Hana can summon an opaque, pink telekinetic shield that manifests as a mech suit. In addition to shielding her, it can fire rapid-fire telekinetic shots or rockets from its mounted cannons, and launch itself into the air with boosters. It can also throw up an additional shield that blocks her and anyone near her from incoming attacks.

If Hana concentrates while in her mech and builds up enough energy, she can forcibly eject herself from the mech and turn it into what is a essentially a bomb.

If Hana takes on more damage than she can handle, the telekinetic shield will shatter and Hana will be ejected from her mech. After being ejected, Hana needs time before she can create it again.


Gaming, strategy & tactics


Gaming, music (K-Pop, Electro/Progressive House), Mei’s Adventures (publicly-posted travel journal of climatologist Mei-Ling Zhou)


Born in Busan, South Korea, Hana is the only child of Song Chin-ho and Song Sun-young. She had an average childhood with loving parents and grew up comfortably middle-class.

Hana discovered her love of games at an early age when she would sit on her father’s knee and watch him play games. He encouraged this fascination, letting her watch and play herself. To this day she attributes the moment she fell in love with video games to watching her dad play The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker.

At the age of 10, with the help of her parents, Hana started her own Youtube, variety gaming channel under the pseudonym D.Va. Her channel quickly rose in popularity with Hana praised for both her skills as a gamer and as a entertainer/commentator. She soon became a professional StarCraft player, who participated in the WCS Korea Code S League, and a professional Overwatch player. At the age of 13, Hana became the #1 ranked player in the world and proceeded to go undefeated for the following years in all competitions. She became an international star, beloved by her fans at home and abroad, and toured in exhibitions around the world, representing South Korea.

For the thrill-ride, Hana’s life has thus far been, the manifestation of her mutation at 14 was quiet and uneventful. After a stressful horror game stream, she wasn’t feeling well, so she went to lay down. She woke up a few hours later with flu-like symptoms (aches, fever, headache) took some aspirin, and went back to bed. The symptoms, in reality, were caused by her manifesting abilities and, it wasn’t long after she woke, that the telekinetic mech started flickering in and out of existence around her. Hana figured out pretty quick what was going on.

For a time, Hana went about her life as if nothing had changed, but, as mutants became more and more prominent in the news it became apparent that living that way wasn’t safe. She started doing her research and found mutant message boards and Tamara’s video blog. From there, she was given a contact at Xavier’s. She came out to her parents, a daunting task even with how supportive her parents had always been, then shared her plans to go to Xavier’s school under the guise of going to America to diversify her education. Her parents agreed and the plan was set.