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TW: Mentions of suicide, homicide, general violence, harm to animals


Ginger and her sister Brigitte come as a set, no question - Together forever, united against life as they know it. They’re seriously weird, and that’s their shield, which they’ve used to block out the entire rest of the world. They both wear bird skull necklaces, they made a suicide pact at age 8, they get all their ugly clothes at garage sales and thrift stores… Weird. And they hate pretty much everyone except each other. There’s some room for the idea that, some far away day, a few of their peers might be worth knowing, or maybe outside of Bailey Downs there’s life forms that aren’t worthless, but right now they’re trapped in a cesspool of hormone-ridden conformist drones; adults are pointless and kids are gross, so that basically leaves them with only each other.

Ginger figured out at a young age that being morbid freaked people out and that gave her power, and that getting Brigitte in on it doubled the impact, so she basically built her - and their - world around that. Despite this, Ginger and Brigitte are very different personalities. Ginger is unquestionably the dominant one, and tends to be the driving force in their twisted little world, pushing Brigitte to act on her morbid ideas. Thriving on attention of any kind, she’s sarcastic and disrespectful, especially when it’s entertaining to Brigitte, and she often seems completely unaware of any consequences to her actions.

Even before being bitten, Ginger was somewhat aggressive and little bit paranoid; she (usually) thinks all men are gross, inferior beings only capable of thinking with their dicks (and believing anything else makes you stupid and naive). Despite a lifetime of disdain for her peers and their horrifyingly mediocre existences, she can be convinced to try (and enjoy) the edgier parts of normal teenage life (drinking, smoking pot, etc), especially if she’s dared. She doesn’t always like who she becomes when this happens of course, and loses her self-respect (before transferring that gross feeling to anger at the other people involved).

Since the bite, Ginger is hell on wheels in a short skirt, bolder and more impulsive than ever and prone to roller coaster mood swings. It doesn’t help that she simultaneously distrusts guys and is lusting after them now, or that adrenaline fuels her transformation. Get one thing straight, though: you threaten Brigitte in any way, Ginger is coming for you.

At her lowest, Ginger still considers suicide, no longer out of boredom but out of desperation to stop the cycle of violence brought on by her mutation. What stops her is partly fear, but mostly loyalty to Brigitte, who she’d never leave alone.


  • Lycanthropy: Yeah, Ginger’s a werewolf. Her mutation is maladaptive - left unchecked, it will change her completely into a full werewolf, a monstrous creature with no humanity left and an insatiable urge to kill. The full transformation may be irreversible. Her body constantly produces the chemicals responsible for this transformation, and only frequent doses of monkshood (a plant related to wolfsbane) keeps this “infection” in check. 

    • Extremely accelerated healing - unless the wound is immediately lethal, Ginger recovers quickly. How quickly depends on how advanced her transformation is (ranging from minutes to nearly a day), but the accelerated healing remains even when she’s at her most human. Although she frequently feels sick from her mutation and the monkshood treatment, she doesn’t actually get sick anymore. Despite this healing, she still scars.

    • Feral features and senses - These develop as her transformation begins, typically in the following order: heightened sense of smell, hair growth (she haaaates this, it takes a whole pack of razors to get her legs smooth again), silver hair, fangs, claws, ice-blue wolf eyes, pointed ears, then…

    • Skeletal changes - In the more advanced stages of her transformation, she grows a tail, her spine starts to visibly shift and elongate, and her facial features start to change to be more animalistic.

    • Behavioral changes - Ginger is impulsive and short-sighted at the best of times, but her mutation amps these traits up, and adds lust that quickly gives way to bloodlust. She becomes violent, unpredictable, paranoid, but it starts with increased confidence, lowered inhibitions, and a sense of freedom, which are intoxicating, and Ginger is easily hooked on these feelings. Since being bitten, heightened aggression is just the new normal.

    • TRANSMISSION - Ginger’s mutation works, in part, through the creation of a virus-like infection that changes physiology, which can be passed to others through a bite or blood exposure. The infected person will start down the same transformative path as Ginger, and can also become a full-blown werewolf (irreversibly). The primary difference is that the monkshood concoction is curative in those infected, whereas Ginger’s body is always producing the infection and thus can only be temporarily reduced but never cured. 

  • Limited visions - After sharing blood with her sister, Ginger has a limited version of Brigitte’s visions. Brigitte can deliberately share visions with Ginger by sharing blood, but otherwise Ginger just has dreams and occasional hallucination-like visions that are patchy and disjointed. 


Special effects (particularly in blood and gore), not giving a shit, being morbid


Death, photography, disturbing people - and now, protecting B and not becoming a werewolf


Raised amidst the perfect mediocrity of Toronto suburbia of Bailey Downs by the depressingly average Henry and Pamela Fitzgerald, the Fitzgerald sisters have shared a room since they were little and have shut out the rest of the world. At age 8, they promised to die together, and came up with their Pact of “Out by sixteen or dead on the scene, but together forever - united against the world as we know it.”

Flash forward to ages 15 & 16. Both girls are juniors in high school (Brigitte skipped a grade). They’re not popular, which is how they insist they like it, and they mostly keep their heads down so they can do what they want - like sneaking cigarettes in gym class and taking gory death photos for a class project. They’ve gone to school with these morons all their lives, everyone already knows they’re weird. Both girls are ‘late bloomers’ where puberty is concerned - which suits them just fine, thanks - but in the past year, Ginger’s body had been changing.

At the beginning of the school year, Ginger was starting to seriously consider suicide - not out of depression, but out of boredom, and having romanticized it as ‘the ultimate fuck you’ to the rest of the world and fulfilment of the Pact. Out walking one night, Ginger finally got the Curse (ugh the inane mediocrity of it - kill yourself to be different and your own body screws you) - but there was only a moment for them to process this before a massive creature snatched Ginger off the path and dragged her into the woods in a vicious attack. Brigitte followed her screams, using her camera as a weapon as she frantically tried to get the creature to release her sister. They managed to get away, running for their lives (the creature pursued them, but was hit by a van as they ran across the street and was completely destroyed). They still don’t know what it was.

They made it back to the house in a panicked daze, but their parents were out. Ginger was completely covered in blood from bites and slashes, struggling to breathe, but before Brigitte could get to the phone to call an ambulance they discovered that Ginger’s wounds were already closing (the attack had triggered her mutation). Panicked by this discovery and traumatized enough for one night, Ginger insisted that they not tell anyone, that everything was fine. The wounds healed completely within an hour, but left large scars. The sisters huddled together in the same bed that night, but told no one.

The next few days were marked by intense pain and discomfort, which Ginger chalked up - not entirely incorrectly - to her period (there’s no such thing as ‘just’ cramps). This was also when Ginger started acting weird. When one of the disgusting jocks at the school offered her marijuana to help with the cramps, Ginger took him up on it, spending an afternoon smoking with the kids she and Brigitte had been making fun of only a week before (while B stood awkwardly outside). When Pamela found out Ginger had gotten her period and baked her a cake in celebration, Ginger angrily blamed Brigitte and accused her of betrayal and jealousy.

The changes didn’t stop there. Ginger began dressing more provocatively, relishing in the attention it got her, and started making out with the jock, regularly and publically. Words like ‘slut’ started getting attached to her name around school. High on the confidence and newly awoken lust, she ignored Brigitte’s protests (especially when she brought up werewolves, Christ), and went into deep denial about what was going on with her body - only a small part of which was puberty-related. Her scars started growing silver fur, silver streaks appeared in her hair, her sense of smell improved, and a small tail started growing out of the base of her spine (though she didn’t know about that one yet). And her legs - SO. HAIRY.  Shaving became a huge pain-in-the-ass endeavor. Brigitte was acting weird and bringing up freaking werewolves whenever they talked, and Ginger didn’t want to hear it. After all, aside from all the weird shit, she felt good - really good - and she was starving for more.

The turning point was the night she had sex with the jock. Amped up on lust, the rough (but ultimately very disappointing) sex wasn’t enough. Confused and feeling like shit after he drove away, and still lusting for something, everything became clear when the neighbor’s dog barked his head off at her.  

She ate him, relishing in it, ripping the small terrier to pieces. Brigitte found her in their bathroom, puking and freaking out, blood all over her face and hands. Finally fucked up enough to listen to Brigitte (if mutants are real, why not werewolves?), they talked and were back to them against the world. Desperate for something to fight Ginger’s transformation, they pierced Ginger’s belly button with a piece of pure silver jewelry… and a darning needle.

The next day, Ginger found out that Brigitte had been spending a lot of time with the Sam, the local pot dealer - and she’d been telling him about all the werewolf stuff. Even though Brigitte had told him it was happening to her, Ginger flipped out, anger and paranoia surging. Moments later, Ginger got in a fight with Trina, a girl who pushed Brigitte, tackling her and beating her up.

After getting chewed out by the guidance counselor, she learned Brigitte had run into the jock, and that he had been ‘infected’ by a love bite during sex. Oops. Needing a cure more than ever, Brigitte and Ginger went to Sam’s greenhouse to learn about monkshood, a relative of wolfsbane. But Ginger lost her temper, and stormed out. ...and ate Trina’s dog on the way home.

As Brigitte got home, Trina came looking for her dog and confronted her. Ginger heard the noise and came outside and got violent with Trina over Brigitte’s protests. Hauling Trina into the house in a headlock, things would’ve gotten really bad, except something happened to Brigitte - her eyes went black and she went into some kind of trance. Ginger released Trina to go to Brigitte, and Trina ran out screaming about them being ‘mutie freaks’. When B came to, she told Ginger about a vision, in which Ginger actually killed Trina right there in the kitchen. While B was terrified by what she’d seen, Ginger’s response to the vision was almost gleeful.

Things kept getting worse. Brigitte locked Ginger in the bathroom one morning to go work with Sam on the monkshood cure. Outraged by the perceived betrayal, Ginger raged and eventually clawed her way out. She went to school, hair now completely silver and features starting to change (but it was the day of the Halloween party), and flashed some boys. Cue a trip to the guidance counselor. Ginger held back the urge to get violent…. for a while. But he droned on and on, judging her, thinking he was so much better than her, not realizing how close to death he was — but as she stood up to literally cut his throat, Brigitte burst in and dragged her out. They fought, and Ginger threw B to the ground and left.

To get back at Brigitte and show her how naive she was, Ginger went to Sam’s greenhouse (where the big party was happening) to seduce him. When he resisted, she changed her mind to something more violent, breaking his arm like a twig, but B arrived and interrupted. She told Ginger about a new vision, of Sam dead and Ginger transformed into a giant wolf monster, trying to convince her to take the monkshood. Too far gone in the thrill of her transformation, Ginger refused. B changed tactics, infecting herself with Ginger’s blood and promising that they’d do this together. When they shared blood, Ginger got bits of B’s vision.

Then Sam hit Ginger on the head with a shovel, knocking her out. B yelled at him, but it gave them a chance to inject her with monkshood. Within minutes, Ginger was back to her human self, in a ton of pain and miserable, but alive.

For a few days, things seemed back to normal, and they focused on rebuilding their bond and freaking out over Brigitte’s mutant ability. But then it started again, and silver streaks started appearing in Ginger’s hair. Realizing the nightmare wasn’t over, they stocked up on monkshood and basic supplies, then stole Sam’s van and ran. They lost themselves in Toronto, keeping their heads down, living out of the van. Brigitte experimented with the monkshood ‘cure’ for Ginger, and kept infecting herself with Ginger’s blood to try and improve the treatment. But after Ginger lost her temper and got violent on an unsuspecting librarian (who was coming on to Brigitte), Brigitte dosed them both - and they woke up in the Happier Times rehab facility.

Things quickly became dire at Happier Times, as both girls were changing, and unable to escape the facility. In a desperate bid to keep them from murdering everyone, Brigitte grabbed Ginger and tried to run - and when they couldn’t find a way out, she locked them in the disused part of the hospital (specifically the crematorium).