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Gar is relatively carefree if a bit scatterbrained; he's a good kid, and his heart's in the right place. He can be surprisingly mature for his age, and is very sensitive to the needs and desires of others. He's a bit of a showoff when it comes to his powers, because he's so happy that he has them. He's a big sweetheart, essentially.


Gar has the ability to shapeshift into any animal. The upper limit on this ability seems to be rather high and 'animal' has a somewhat broad definition; while he can't transform into any human form other than his own, he can shift into something as small as a fly (which he's done, once, it was a bit scary) and possibly smaller. He's transformed into an orca in the past, once, just to see if he could; it's possible he could go larger. However, every animal he transforms into (like himself) is totally green with varying shades; he's also only limited to the abilities of the animal that he shifts into, but doesn't need to return to human form in order to shift to something else. His clothing, fortunately, seems to get shunted to some sort of other dimension while he's shifted, and it comes back to his form whenever he changes.


He's actually quite talented at vegetarian and vegan cooking. He's also good at video games, and generally at making people smile, if only because he can be a bit of a goofball. He's got a knack for following direction (when it suits him) and he even shows some blossoming leadership qualities that could be honed and developed.


Vegetarian recipes, popular music, video games, comic books, basketball, soccer, new sports, new animal forms.


Gar was born to Miranda and Jeffrey Logan, a pair of biologists researching rare and deadly diseases and their potential cures in middle Africa. While they were in Africa, Gar was born, and they raised him 'at arm's length' while there. However, when Garfield contracted a rare disease, his father injected him with a serum that triggered his latent X-gene, as well as damaging it slightly. He was at the very least cured of the disease, but it turned his skin, hair, and eyes green, and activated his shapeshifting mutation at the age of twelve. He entertained himself by turning into various animals while his parents continued their work, at the very least consoling himself with other animals (even though they tended to view him with wariness due to his odd coloration). However, his parents met tragedy when a flash flood capsized their vessel, and only Garfield survived. Picked up by relief efforts from the disaster, Garfield was shipped to the United States under the care of Nicholas Galtry; a rival biologist who had a great deal of contempt for both Garfield and his late parents. Galtry was abusive, and was in the process of embezzling a great deal of the estate left to Garfield, but when Professor Xavier arrived, he detected Galtry's deceit, and through some regular and psychic persuasion, rescued Gar from a rather abusive situation. Garfield's inheritance is now held in a trust for him, awaiting for when he turns eighteen, and he is now a ward of Xavier.