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Player: Carlin

Character Name: Fox William Mulder. Goes by Mulder.

Canon of Origin: X-Files


Mulder is obnoxious. He always was - a super smart and smart-assed obsessive nerd with a solid case of ADHD and no idea when to quit. This only compounded when Samantha disappeared, and the myriad of feelings that came with that. What’s more is that he knows he’s weird, and rather than try and get people to like him, he likes to act the part that is expected of him, to freak them out or make fun of them. He doesn’t see any point in trying to make people like him, because he’s accepted that he can’t both do that and be himself - and what’s more, he’s not even sure how to get people to like him, at least for more than a few minutes. If he’s upfront, even confrontational, about his weirdness, it saves him the heartache later when the person decides he’s too much for them.

Despite all this, Mulder really is a sweet kid. He wants to be accepted and be close to people, but just isn’t very good at it. He feels things deeply, genuinely cares about people and their problems, and tries to do whatever he can to help, even at his own expense. Often times, he even does better with people in trouble, because it gives him a problem to fix, rather than the more intangible goal of ‘getting them to like me’. He can easily connect with others (when he isn’t feeling judged) and he’s good at listening and trying to understand their feelings. He becomes frustrated, even angry, when people won’t let him help, and has trouble accepting and respecting boundaries set by others in these cases. He can also be remarkably insightful, for someone who is as bad as peopling as he can be. He’s very funny, and can even be charismatic when he wants to be. When someone does seem to ‘get’ him and clicks, he becomes close quickly, and is incredibly loyal to that person.


Mulder has the power of empathy. It came into affect when his sister was abducted, but no one really noticed because the moodiness he displayed could be written off as struggling to cope with the loss. While his tendency toward sarcasm or pushing people away kept it from being too noticeable among peers, when it was noticed, was found to be eerie and made people uncomfortable. When it came to anticipating needs, this mostly came out with his mother, who assumed he was just a sweet boy, and that it was borne out of knowing her very well (all true, just not entirely accurate.)

Currently, he isn't even aware he's doing it. Controlling it so that he isn't frequently overwhelmed by other's emotions will be the first step. Next will be using it purposefully. In time, he may be able to pick up 'feelings' that are attached to things that help him peice together what has happened, though only partially - they will be faint, and boosted by the fact that he's naturally good at this and profiling, even outside of his powers.

He's also not telepathic. He can sense feelings, and sometimes wants, but it's nebulous and nothing like actually reading someone's thoughts.


He’s very bright, so he’s good in school, with noticeable strong points in writing, math, history, and psych. He has a strong memory and is a talented, if obsessive, researcher. He’s good at basketball also good at swimming.


Sci-fi (especially Trek!), urban legends, aliens, cryptids, history, psychology, sociology, basketball, baseball, bad movies.


Mulder’s life was very normal up until he was 12. He and his sister spent evenings and summers riding bikes around the neighborhood, hanging out with friends, and just having a pretty ideallic life. Then, while his parents were at the neighbors and Mulder was babysitting, his sister was abducted. Mulder largely has no memory of the experience, just the feeling of not being able to move and a bright light. He personally believes she was abducted by aliens, but has learned to be quiet about this belief. The therapist he works with to deal with his trauma - though less often now than he used to - believes that the alien theory is because it's easier for him to believe his memories are accurate and blame aliens than to accept that he was so traumatized that his brain locked up those memories, which may have diminished the chances of his sister being found. Mulder is aware of this, and believes it is why his father doesn't get along with him anymore.

His parents divorced less than a year after Samantha's disappearance - they were already having problems, and the loss of a child and his father's subsequent treatment of Mulder only compounded to it. Mulder lives with his mother, and supposedly spends a weekend a month with his father, though more often than no, these trips are cancelled due to his father's job (some sort of government agency that even Mulder isn't completely clear on.) In reality, it's only a few times a year, and only for a night. He and his mom, however, are close.

Mulder continued to have as average of a life as you could expect, though the feelings he was taking on from others were starting to become even more intense and overwhelming, in a way that was beginning to raise suspicion in Mulder. Shortly after, Xavier showed up and explained everything to Mulder and his mother. While she was loath to give up her last remaining child, she recognized not only that it was a good opportunity but one that Mulder would love, not to mention something he needed to get in control of his abilities. They arranged for him to finish out his midterms, and then transfer over.