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The Friends of Humanity[]

The Friends of Humanity is a non-government sponsored organization, led by Graydon Creed, that officially advocates that the government take a stance to protect "normal" American citizens from mutants. They had been gathering support based upon the violent nature of many mutants' initial manifestations, which have occasionally resulted in loss of life and property, but have since taken to promoting the concept of the "mutant menace in our midst". At this time, their following is small but vocal, and includes a number of junior Congressmen and Senators who are beginning to mumble about mutant registration. Their goal is to contain or eliminate mutants, and for this purpose, they had been providing secret funding to The Right until the latter organization was eliminated in August, 2018.

The FoH kept a low profile for a while following the destruction of their headquarters by the Brotherhood, but in the wake of the Genoshan takeover is now taking a more vocal anti-mutant stance once more and supporting legislators such as Senator Kelly.

The Brotherhood[]

The Brotherhood is a group of teenage mutants, led by Magneto. They are similar to Xavier's students in that they've been gathered together for mutant defense and to hone their abilities, but their agenda is different. Largely recruited by Magneto from discontented mutants who have no desire to hide who they are or what they can do, they have few scruples, and are generally less interested in living with humanity than in using their powers to get what they want.

As of June, 2019, Magneto and his brotherhood have taken over the island nation of Genosha.

The Right[]

Despite the Brotherhood having destroyed one of their facilities and gathered what information remained at the other, little is known with certainty about the organization terming itself The Right. What is known is that their goal appears to be using mutants as weapons, and towards this goal The Right collects teenage mutants and uses them as lab rats, subjecting them to experimental procedures and brainwashing. Their known casualty rate thus far is approximately 10:1. Two of their facilities have been abandoned thus far, one because it was destroyed by the Brotherhood, and another due to the escape of Tommy Shepherd, but it's certain that they're still out there. A paper trail has revealed the the FoH is secretly funding the Right, though it's unclear if the FoH actually know how their money is being spent.

As of 8/27/2018, the Right was dismantled by X-Force.

Mr. Sinister[]

Concealed behind a multitude of epithets--the Pale Man, Nosferatu, the White Devil--Dr. Nathaniel Essex is perhaps one of the most dangerous threats to mutantkind in existence, all while purporting to be their greatest benefactor. By his own assertion a contemporary of Charles Darwin, Essex has demonstrated an obsessive interest in the study of the emerging mutant phenomenon. His name is referenced in hundreds of research notes and experimental records, from legitimate university exploration of the X-gene to the horrific quasi-science of the Right.

Despite his pervasive presence, Essex remains largely a background figure--contributing advice, consulting, but never obviously taking the lead in any particular endeavor. He has a marked preference for remaining in the periphery, manipulating others into serving his ends, and observing the progress of the species from a position of detached, scientific curiosity. This tendency to act through intermediaries, his clandestine methods, and his unnerving appearance earned Essex a telling pseudonym among his minions: Mr. Sinister.