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Even before the Genoshan mutate process activated his X-Gene, Doug was a definite computer geek.  He's not great with people - he likes them, definitely, but he's convinced he's not good with social interactions (other than with a digital interface between him and the other person) and he's not wrong.  He may look like the boy next door (and really, he pretty much is) but he's very intelligent, so much so that his parents didn't blink twice when he received an offer to attend the University of Genosha on full scholarship despite his age.  And, for possibly the first time in his life, he didn't spent an eternity trying to decide what he wanted to do about it.

He should have known something was up, right there.

He hasn't quite gotten up the guts to let his parents know that the word of his death was greatly exaggerated, at least partially because he's not at all sure how to explain the fact that he can now interface with computers via built-in WI-FI or a cybernetic cable.  They already thought he spent too much time online.


Doug is, essentially, a walking, talking Google translator.  He's not sure how, but within a few minutes of hearing a language he knows it well enough to carry on a basic conversation, and by the end of the conversation he could write the dictionary.  Moreover, his ability extends to computer and non-human languages as well.

The Genoshan Genegeneer did the initial survey of Doug's X-Gene, decided he'd be even more useful if he didn't need an actual computer present, and implanted experimental nanites. As a side effect, digital circuitry is visible at his left temple and down both arms, and it expands during times of increased stress.  So far, he's always been able to pull it back, but he's not sure whether or not that's a given for the future.  The cybernetics have enhanced the speed at which he can "talk" to computers, increased his memory exponentially, and enable Doug to connect to any system either via an available wi-fi link or through digital cabling he can extend from his fingers.


Computer technology, languages, and gaming.  Crossword puzzles and any kind of cryptography. He's also not half bad with a skateboard.


Video games, computer technology, hacking, science fiction (especially the classic stuff, but he's not a snob about it), and manga (especially now that he can read it in Japanese)


Doug Ramsey grew up, strangely enough, in Salem Center, NY.  His father's a lawyer who actually worked with Xavier when he was setting up the school there, and his mom works with the local historic society.  He's an only child, and the only exceptional thing about him was a high IQ and an incredible aptitude with computers.

That changed when his father received an invitation to attend a conference being held in Genosha, and decided to make a family vacation of it.  Doug's latent X-Gene was discovered via a scan at the airport, and it wasn't long before someone made first contact, casually inviting him (and his parents) to tour the university.  Doug went home with a tan, some give-away items, and the University of Genosha on his short list of college choices for the next year, despite the fact he'd been planning on going to MIT for years.  He wasn't sure <i>why</i> he'd liked it so much, but he was very definitely interested.

A month later, he had an invitation to start at the University of Genosha right away in their college prep program - and a full scholarship.  His parents, seeing that he really was interested and knowing that their son was bored with high school, reluctantly agreed, and Doug packed his bags and laptop and headed off to sunny Genosha.

A few weeks later, his parents received a visit from a campus official saying she was sorry to inform them that Doug had been killed in a car crash off campus.

In reality, Doug had been pulled into the mutate program.  He underwent some psychological reprogramming, had his latent mutant abilities activated, and, as almost an afterthought on the part of the Genegineer, was implanted with experimental nanites to enhance his already impressive abilities with computers.  Doug was put to work in the Genegineer's own facility, cataloging mutant abilities and organizing the data driving the mutate process, essentially a living, breathing part of the computer system.  However, thanks to the nanites, he was already beginning to pull <i>himself</i> back together before Magneto's overthrow.  He just hadn't decided what to do about it all, yet.