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Character Name: Dana Katherine Scully

Player: Hayley

Canon (please provide at least one reference link relevant to your character's in-game background): X-Files (

History: Dana Scully was born on base to a navy family.  Technically, she was born in Japan, but she's lived everywhere since and doesn't think of any of them as some kind of 'home town.'  She was a typical "navy brat" and proud of it, and her father, despite seeing the difficulty for her mother when her father was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.  Still, her mom and the four of them kept things together, and she thinks they handled it pretty well, usually.  The house was neat, the four of them were mostly behaved, and they were getting along in school.  Dana, in particular, was extremely successful academically.

Nothing was unusual until the night after Christmas, two months before her thirteenth birthday.  They said good-bye to her grandparents, as they always did, and went to bed.  But when Dana came back downstairs, to get a glass of water, she saw her grandfather sitting in an armchair by the fire.  He kept opening his mouth, speaking, but she couldn't hear him.  She called for her mom, afraid, but when she turned back to the chair, he was gone.

Twenty minutes later, the phone rang, and her mom (now awake, thanks to a chagrined and embarrassed Dana) answered.  Her grandfather was dead.  The next day, Professor Charles Xavier arrived to invite Dana to a special school - a place for her gifts, and abilities.  Dana's mother waited, until her father returned home and could give his input, but eventually she and her parents agreed that she should attend for the time being.


  Dana is studious, and is serious, but she doesn't lack the ability to have fun.  She's a tomboy in her hobbies and activities, and completely unapologetic about it (much to her mother and older sister's chagrin).  Sports, shooting, science experiments -- she loves them all.  She knows how to be well-behaved and polite, and she tries to be friendly, but once you cross her, she will tell you how it is.

She's going to be a doctor.  Just so everyone knows.


Dana can be fairly rigid in her views - there's right and wrong, there's possible and impossible.  That said, she's fairly open-minded.  She believes in the things she can see and prove and experience; it's the things she has to simply take on faith she has more trouble with.  She's fairly optimistic, though, and loyal, with a desire to do good things, even when she can't prove all those things with empirical evidence.

Powers (if an adapted character, please share your thought process on why you chose this power-set):  Necromancy.  Dana can summon apparitions of the dead and, once she's had some training, will some day be able to communicate with them.

Why Necromancy: In the show, Scully has shown the ability to see (though not hear) the dead.  The first instance is in season 2, when her father died, but she does it in seasons 4 and 7, as well.

Limitations:  Right now, Dana has no ability to control when she summons her apparitions and cannot 'hear' them or communicate with them properly.

Talents:  Dana is smart, detail oriented, calm under pressure, and extremely organized.  She has a particular aptitude for science and math, but she likes all subjects.   She's an excellent shot.

Interests: Science (physics and biology, primarily), literature, classical music, skeet shooting, crime dramas/law enforcement