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Characters in Academy X can be either canon Marvel mutants or characters from other canons that have been altered to be mutants in the Academy X story. This being an X-Men based game, there tend to be more Marvel characters than anything else, however, you may find several canons that have multiple characters represented. The following links may be helpful when looking for a specific character.

Dorm Assignments[]

At Xavier's School for Gifted Mutants, the students are organized into two separate dorms - east and west. Each dorm room is expected to house at least two students, though some students are given rooms to themselves under exceptional circumstances or if there is not a roommate available for them. Some rooms are made for three. The dorms have communal bathrooms, but each individual room sports 2-3 beds, dressers, desks, and closets.

East Dorm West Dorm
101 Bobby Drake
Kurt Wagner
201 Cal Rankin
Caleb Widogast
Clint Barton
102 Hana Song 202 Clarice Ferguson
Lu Brande
103 Warren Worthington 203 Mollymauk Tealeaf
Piotr Rasputin
104 Jeanne-Marie Beaubier
Shen Li-Men
204 Wynonna Earp
105 205 Percy de Rolo
Vax Vessar
106 Beau
TJ Wagner
206 Ororo Munroe
Nora Valkyrie
107 T'Challa
Thor Odinson
207 Natalia Romanova
108 Shuri 208 Vex Vessar
Illyana Rasputin
109 Dorian Pavus
Felix Harrowgate
209 Scanlan Shorthalt
110 Betsy Braddock 210 Jester Lavorre
111 Loki Odinson 211
112 Sunny Nwazue
Mariko Yashida
212 Keyleth Ashari
113 213
114 214
115 215
116 216
117 217
118 (3 person room) 218 (3 person room)

Graduate Dorm[]

The graduate dorm is a separate building, newly built, that provides apartments for graduates that choose to stay on campus, for one reason or another. You must have finished classes to be eligible, but there is no restriction on who you can room with in the apartments. Each of the apartments has a slightly different floor plan - some larger or smaller than others, but they all have a living space, bedrooms, kitchen, balcony, and bathrooms with both shower and spacious tub. The building is a few stories tall, with both stair and elevator access. The first floor contains a public entertainment space, with offices for working or conferences, a game room, television room, small workout space, and bar area.

Second Floor
Apt. 2A Kitty Pryde Apt. 2B Bucky Barnes
Natasha Stark
Apt. 2C Pete Wisdom Apt. 2D
Third Floor
Apt. 3A Apt. 3B Jean Grey
Scott Summers
Apt. 3C Apt. 3D
Fourth Floor
Apt. 4A Nolan Ross Apt. 4B Jean-Paul Beaubier
Simon Tam
Apt. 4C Shaun Gilmore Apt. 4D Shinobi Shaw


Below, you'll find a list of all the players in the game, and who plays which character. While emails aren't given out on the wiki due to privacy concerns, you can address the Academy X mailing list if you're looking for someone in particular. Characters in shaded grey are generally regarded as NPCs, or NPC-adjacent and therefore don't count against the limit of characters per player.

Player's Name Character's Name Powers
Bun Felix Harrowgate Spellcasting
Shaun Gilmore Intuitive invention, identification
Gray Mollymauk Tealeaf Blood energy manipulation, mutant physiology
Natasha Stark Cyberpathy, enhanced reflexes, healing factor
Hayley Betsy Braddock Telepathy, precognition
Scott Summers Optic blasts
Mortimer Toynbee Agility, prehensile tongue
Vance Astrovik Telekinesis
Jada Thor Odinson Super strength, enhanced durability
Jenna Caleb Widogast Spellcasting
Dorian Pavus Necromancy
Hana Song Telekinetic mech
Kurt Wagner Teleportation, wall climbing, mutant physiology
Percy de Rolo Shadow form
Jessy Karolina Dean Solar energy manipulation, flight
Wynonna Earp Super strength, agility, mutant power blocking
Nico di Angelo Necromancy
Joe Nora Valkyrie Electricity manipulation, super strength, speed, endurance
Peter Rasputin Organic steel transformation, super strength, speed, invulnerability
Pyrrha Nikos Polarity, enhanced physical abilities
Tsuyu Asui Hopping, prehensile tongue, froglike abilities
John Clarice Ferguson Teleportation
Scanlan Shorthalt Reality warping
Shinobi Shaw Personal molecular density control
Alex Summers Energy blasts
Eileen Harsaw Electromagnetic harmonization
Reep Daggle Shapeshifting
Tessa Cyberpathy
Katey Jeanne-Marie Beaubier Super speed, flight, light
Keyleth Ashari Elemental air control
Shuri Light manipulation
Warren Worthington III Flight
Goodnight Robicheaux Predictive senses
Pietro Maximoff Superspeed
Lin Bucky Barnes Healing factor, enhanced reflexes, speed, strength, agility, and stamina
Loki Odinson Reality warping, psionic manipulation
Vex’ahlia Vessar Enchanting objects
MeL Caduceus Clay Healing, decomposition manipulation
Nott Innate transmutation, spellcasting
T'Challa Enhanced strength, speed, durability, agility, stamina, and reflexes
mere Mariko Yashida Solar energy absorption, plasma blasts
Natalia Romanova Enhanced agility, reflexes, speed, stamina, strength and healing factor
Nate Cal Rankin Mimicry
Jester Lavorre Creation through drawing/painting
Nolan Ross Precognition
Ororo Munroe Weather control
Shen Li-Men Flight, enhanced senses and strength
TJ Wagner Possession, hex bolts, wall climbing and mutant physiology
Pyro Pyrokinesis
River Beau Time manipulation
Clint Barton Healing factor
Kitty Pryde Phasing
Simon Tam Biological detection
Vax'ildan Vessar Umbrakinesis
Julian Keller Telekinesis
Lance Alvers Seismic wave generation
Sue Bobby Drake Cryokinesis
Illyana Rasputin Teleportation/sorcery
Lu Brande Splitting into three near-identical selves
Pete Wisdom Hot knives
Doug Ramsey Languages, computer integration
Fatale Light manipulation, teleportation
Wanda Maximoff Probability manipulation
Suzene Jean-Paul Beaubier Super speed, flight, light
Jean Grey Telepathy, telekinesis
Billy Rocks Psionic knives, extraordinary immune system
Umi Sunny Nwazue Magical abilities, shapeshifting, invisibility, speaking with ghosts