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On good days, Bucky is blunt, sarcastic, and playful. He’d kill for the people he loves without hesitation. Relearning to hesitate is the harder task.

He’s still finding his way back from Hydra. There are nightmares and bad days. He has a lot to make up for. Having a new friend with high charisma and no self preservation instinct gives him someone to focus on and has been a stabilizing influence.


Healing factor, enhanced reflexes, speed, strength, agility, and stamina.


Marksmanship, martial arts, aviation, espionage, survival tactics. Fluent in: English, Spanish, German, Russian, and Japanese.


Music you can dance to, a good homemade pie, cute animal memes.


Early History[]

Raised with younger sister in Brooklyn, largely by maternal grandmother after his mother passed. In 1939 Bucky lost first Gramma Hubbard, then his father. He became a ward of the state at Camp Lehigh where his father was previously stationed. As WWII started, Bucky helped out around the camp. He was eager to get out and fight, but too young for anyone to take him seriously. In 1941 Bucky’s powers manifested, first showing up as enhanced reflexes and peak fitness. He was finally allowed to partner with Captain America. This was intended as mascot capacity, but when Steve broke away from the media circuit to fight on the front lines Bucky argued his way into going with him. They kicked some nazi ass for a time. It didn’t go pear-shaped for Bucky until 1944, when he appeared to die a heroic death falling from an icy bridge.

The Blur In The Middle[]

Hitting the icy water, his healing factor triggered sometime before he reached the bottom. His body was taken by Hydra. A bastardized version of super-soldier serum triggered Bucky’s secondary mutation, enhancing the rest of his abilities. He became unstable after a series of experiments and Hydra put him in stasis until 1947.

The Winter Soldier was programmed at the start of the Cold War. Between missions Hydra kept the asset in stasis. Every time Bucky's humanity surfaced, they put him back under. The longest he was awake was a period of time working with the Red Room. In 1989 they lost his stasis pod during a break in at one of their facilities.

May 2018[]

Natasha Stark found a strange box in one of Howard Stark’s caches of war paraphernalia. Inside she found a disoriented young man with a metal arm. Bucky’s first few weeks were shaky. With Natasha’s help, he was able to put together pieces of his life. Not long after she started rehabilitating him, Natasha was kidnapped. Helping get her back made Bucky realize how much he wanted to help protect this person. Once Natasha was home Bucky unofficially signed on as part of her security detail.

Current Events[]

Officially, Bucky is Natasha’s personal assistant. JARVIS is in charge of the real coordinating. This is the best excuse for why he shadows her. Recently, Natasha gave Bucky a dog, but failed to explain this was intended as an emotional support dog. Bucky assumes this is another one of those ‘hold my purse’ situations, and that Natasha is terrible dog mom. Bucky would say he spends much of his time cleaning up after their messes. He’s happier focusing on that than wondering if Hydra is still out there interested in taking him back.