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Bobby comes across as a happy-go-lucky jokester, one who takes nothing seriously and always has a quip, sometimes at his own expense, sometimes at someone else's.  This actually covers up some deep rooted insecurities; Bobby jokes at least partially to cover up his own conviction that he'll never been good enough.  If no one takes him seriously, they'll never expect much of him and never be disappointed.  

Sometimes, he even believes it all himself.

That said, Bobby does have a knack for lightening tense situations, is fiercely protective of his friends, and is convinced he deserves an award for "Most Often Friendzoned" by girls he's interested in.


Cryokinesis.  In other words, Bobby has the ability to cool the water molecules around him.  Depending on the degree to which he applies his powers, he can cool the general area, create ice, snow, etc.  He can sheathe himself in a layer of ice, making it difficult to see him well due to light refraction, and can travel by means of "ice slides" he emits from his hands.

Bobby's limitations are largely self-imposed.  Uncomfortable with the knowledge that he's a mutant, he doesn't push his limits - he genuinely doesn't want to KNOW what he's capable of, which includes far more than will ever be explored in game.  


Bobby can create intricate ice sculptures.  He's also a not awful pitcher and a better than average third baseman, and has the very important ability to alter song lyrics on the spot.  His grades are slightly better than average, with the exception of math, at which he excels.  Oh, and he's an awesome Monopoly player.  Don't let him get hold of the railroads.


Baseball, video games, music, girls, hanging out with friends.


William and Madelyne Drake had nearly given up on the possibility of children when Bobby came along.  His mother tended to be overprotective; his father, whose younger brother had been killed in Vietnam, emphasized staying safe and fitting in.  He had high expectations of Bobby, and was quick to point out his son's flaws.  To William, the most important thing in life was to not make waves.

Bobby's powers, which manifested when he was about 13, definitely had the potential to make waves.  Frightened by what society would do to him if he was discovered, William advised him to hide his abilities.  Act normally, go on with life as normal - and don't let anyone know he was different.  Bobby took his advice to heart, not revealing his abilities to anyone other than his cousin Mary.  

This changed abruptly when Bobby was fifteen.  He'd finally gotten up the guts to ask Judy Harmon to the movies, and she'd said yes.  The movie let out, and he was walking her home when a trio of older boys cornered them.  Pushing Bobby aside, the biggest of them grabbed Judy.  Most likely, the boys would have intimidated her and then let her go.  They never got the chance.  Not knowing their intentions, Bobby panicked - and a moment later, Rocky Beardsley was encased from the neck down in a block of ice.

Unfortunately for Bobby, everyone reacted exactly as his father had predicted.  They panicked.  Judy screamed and ran - the other boys ran as well, spreading the word that Bobby Drake was a mutant freak.  A crowd gathered, and Bobby was taken into police custody for his own protection.

It was in the town's holding cell that Professor Xavier located him, and sent Scott Summers to make Bobby an offer - agree to come to Xavier's, and he'd take care of the rest.  It's a harder decision than it should be.